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Buying a piece of the Concorde

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Although the Concorde is now out of service,

you can bid this week on a little chunk of one.


For a single piece of Concorde china, the

suggested bidding for a breakfast plate is

EU 200-300 (between $284 and $427 USD.)

I am guessing actual bids for all of this

crappe d'Concorde will probably be a lot



Wow they must have consulted Rentboy

for those prices.


Here's a link to the French auction site:

mostly miscellaneous parts and gauges

for sale. Even for junk parts, looks like

Concorde is still too expensive. Hot guys

give me so much more bang for my $$$.


Here's the website:





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Guest zipperzone

Who would want to pay big bucks for that stuff? I guess if you were a real airplane buff........ but I agree, I'd rather give it to an escort.


I tried to take a look but the site is either not working properly or is so slow that I gave up.

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I too would rather have a visit from my favorite escort. On the last several flights of the Concorde people began removing "souvenirs" at the end of the flight, generally with the acquiesence of the flight crew. Think about walking off the plane with your carry-on stuffed with china, crystal, silverware. That stuff weighs a lot as well as being fragile.


The Concorde is really the ultimate expression of the end of the "romantic" period of the airlines. The BA and AF Concorde staff still gave the old fashioned personal service and real first class treatment, something entirely missing now.


For one thing, once the Concorde started engines it would have to depart the airport or risk running out of gas before reaching the destination. So, if there was an airport hold, it would have to be at the gate, not out somewhere on the hot tarmac with the engines shut down.


Of course, the price was outrageous. It was doomed from the start to never make any money and was supported by the UK and French taxpayers from the start. Still, how else could you get from London or Paris to NY before you started (the flight lasted less than the time difference).


All those things, the wonderful performance, as well as the hopelessness of breaking even, make nostalgia aviation buffs think wistful thoughts.


Best regards,


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