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Bogus Reviews

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I am apalled at how stupid some of the reviewers think we are. Case in point - today's review of Jax Thorne. When I saw there was a review of him today, I was surprised because I had just submitted a review yesterday morning. I thought, "Wow, that was fast!"


In fact, it was not my review, but an obvious 'slam' by someone who has some kind of a grudge against Jax. I say obvious because of all of the mis-information about Jax that was in the review.


I hope that my review is posted soon so that today's review is not the first one that people see. Jax reply is a bit lengthy and I don't know how many people will read all of it. But it makes sense to me and is a verification of what I know about Jax.


I am not a first time reviewer as is the person that posted the review, so I hope my comments will be given veracity over what was said.


I know that I, personnaly, do not give a lot of creedance to first time reviewers (believing that most are from the escort or one of his friends) but, I guess that everyone has to start somewhere.


I have lurked on this site for many years, only adding comments sparodicaly, and have found most of the posters to be amusing and sincere. For what it is worth, I do miss "the bad boys," who are no longer on the site. Often I agreed with them, but I did not like their venom.


Interestingly, I posted the review on Jax, because I felt that the number of reviews was dwindling and wanted to help pump them up again.



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