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411 Lucasstrom / Inability to delete original post?

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I tried to delete this post, because further research told me what I needed to know about Lucasstorm. Which is: Stay away.



Note: In the updating of this message board (which really looks great) there still does not seem to be a way for the person who creates a thread (me, in this instance) to delete it, which I would have done in this case. Can a delete-by-author be added somehow?

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If a thread has multiple posts, though, that would mean you can delete other people's content.


Yup, that's a very good point. I should have done the other research first, rather than immediately posting. With no responses it would have been least confusing for me just to delete the post as no longer relevant. But you have a good insight. THANKS. :)

Interestingly, now that I have made this reply, a "Delete" link does apper below my reply. Apparently replies can be deleted but not the originator's original initial post?

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Ok, this post got the better of me.


From seancody.com, 2014:




He did porn as Eric Turner on nextdoorstudios.com, 2017




Just the negative texts, from Rentmen:


We agreed on a price for 6 hours. He said he was going downstairs to get a drink of water and he snuck out the back door after 4 hours. Also he did not perform as promised.


He’s a bait and switch first he rubs your back for 10 to 15 min then tries to up charge for bf experience do t waste your time if you want a massage don’t hire him if you won’t it all DO NOt hire him


He looks exactly like his pics, yes. Seems hot. But clearly was having a bad day...we all do every once in a while. He was uptight entire time. Had to ask him to leave.

Time Spent: 1 hour


After several text exchanges all of which went very well, we met at my apartment. We went into the bedrooom and I remarked to myself what a nice guy Lucas seemed to be. He asked for his $600 fee which I gave to him. He then said that he had brought toys but had left them in his car and would I like him to go get them amd I said yes We walked to the entrance of the building and he continued to his car where he got in and drove off with my $600. I text him several times, tried phoning him and sent him a in house email with no response of any kind, This is blatant stealing and I would never do business again with him. Buyer beware.


He was there and gone in 40 minutes. He jerked me off and wasn't interested in spending any more time together. We had exchanged pics in advance and I'm an attractive, fit 35 year old male. He just isn't into guys.


Yes he played....The pics are when he was doing porn. He is bulkier now. Throughout the encounter however he appeared more preoccupied with messages he was receiving on his phone rather than attending to me and what i was requesting. It was more about what he felt like doing rather than what i was interested in. Almost felt like you were ordering through a drive through and rather than him being thankful and appreciative of having a client gave me the feeling that I should appreciate being with him. This is a service oriented profession and so the client should always be primary. A lot of these escorts seem to be under the impression that the client should be the one thankful for having them when the client is the one paying for a service. Frustrating.


Had sweet smile when I arrived and was happy to take my $300. Down hill from there. He was totally burnt out from previous encounters. Not "up" for any action and nothing happening in the brief time I was there that could be called Rentmen services. Left after 30 minutes, $300 poorer. Stunningly fine body for eye candy.


His pictures do not reflect what he looks like in person at all. It's clearly him, but he is definitely older than 21, he has aged quite a bit from the videos (from obvious steroid use) and there is proof of his age. He was 21 in his Corbin Fisher videos 2 years ago. He was clearly not open to a BF experience, very much straight, although he was nice.

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I posted about my experience in the other thread. But yeah he is a scammer. and I see rentmen has yet to take down this profile even though it is fake. Makes me no longer trust that site at all. I alerted them to it being fake and they did nothing. He has changed all the images on it, but yeah if you contact this profile and show up it will be Lucas storm that shows up, he puts up fake profiles to trick more guys into contacting him. https://rent.men/paulteggs

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