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The Best Flex Site

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I've always found that site hit or miss

I'm Jersey/Philly based and have connected with 2 guys for meetups and they were both friendly, real, sweet muscle guys.


I've also had some scammers who wanted money prior to meeting which usually always ends up with money sent and no meeting


I've never done any cam shows or such prefer to meetup in person

I'm a fairly vanilla guy and do not hire for sex

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Similar to Alex above. I’ve had some great meet ups, although the guys err on the expensive, and some big misses - guys who don’t respond, who ask for deposits in advance (never do it!) and a few no shows.


As with Rentmen, Sleepyboy, PlanetRomeo, etc. stick to the guys with reviews and face shots... and never ever pay a deposit.

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Guest TheOtherGuy

I've used the site mostly for cam shows. I have met up with a couple of guys. One was great and has become a regular. The other was a waste of time and resources.

My caveat would be that the majority of the guys there are NOT pros in the sense that they escort. Most of them are straight guys who have clued into the fact that there's a market for them to be compensated for showing their bodies off via cam. The live meetups are generally an extension of their camming career, and most of them didn't start camming with the idea that they would ever do a live meet. That is to say that generally speaking, if they are open to meeting in person, their limits are very prohibitive, they're really cagey about it, and since very few of them do it as a full time job (ie they don't NEED the money to survive) their rates will be astronomical. Obvi the same rules apply: Be CRYSTAL clear about your expectations, and DON'T send a deposit.

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