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Bruno_XXL & BRUNOTOPP Beware

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Yesterday his ad popped up and I discovered that the 10-12 pictures he was using (all of them had they face somewhat blurred) were of Jorge Ilich, a 26-year-old Venezuelan model who worked for underwear company Andrew Christian and died from suicide on June 26, 2016 in Miami. I reported him to Rentmen and said to them "so much for your Verified Photo & Verified ID" since his ad had both checked. I told them that both he & them were despicable. They responded thanking me for reporting it and to let me know the pictures have been removed. I'm so happy they allowed the POS got to keep his ad and 15 fake reviews. BTW its just a Verified ID now. I can only hope their lack of integrity & greed brings them the same fate as BP & RB. Or better yet someone sues their ass off for misrepresenting any kind of vetting they claim to do.


If anybody still thinks verified photo/verified ID and 15 mostly positive reviews for someone who supposedly has been around since January 2016 means anything this should be proof it means squat!

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He's now listed in CA as BRUNOTOPP and has the same pictures as above. Freddc reviewed both of them and said pictures were accurate...LOL. Reported both of them to Rentmen.




I'd be very suspicious of the other 5/6 providers he submitted reviews for.

It is good question that why reviewers who have old account write false reviewed especially stating that pics are real! I think that sometimes these providers are discreet, may be good looking and don't want to show their face. The clients meeting them may find them attractive, are satisfied with their service and hence follows the glowing review.

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