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  • Tom Daley wants to be a ‘designer for life’

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    Tom Daley wants to be a “designer for life” once he’s done with diving.

    The 28-year-old diver is an avid knitter and launched his own Made With Love clothing range earlier this year, and while he’s still hoping to compete at the 2024 Olympics, he’s achieved all his goals in the sport so is now thinking ahead to the future beyond the pool.

    Confirming he wants to dive in the next Olympics, told Grazia magazine: “But if you’re asking me this right now, I mean, I’ve achieved everything that I want to achieve in diving.

    “Once I finish diving I want to be a designer for life.”

    Tom – who has four-year-old son Robbie with husband Dustin Lance Black – thinks too much pressure is put on young sports stars and they should have something else to focus on.

    He said: “What I’ve learned as I’ve got older as an athlete is the more time you take off, the more you get out of the sport when you’re actually doing it.”

    The Olympic gold winner admitted he has “wanted to walk away” from the sport “more often than you’d think” and it was “really in the last year” while training for the Tokyo games that he “figured out how to have a good relationship with his body”, after being branded “fat” by a coach when he was 15 led to him battling bulimia.

    He added: “So then all of a sudden I’m on the diving board thinking, ‘Oh gosh, everybody thinks I’m fat.’ And that really, really messed with my head.

    “It gave me all kinds of body image issues that I still have to this day. I had a real struggle with bulimia for a while.”

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