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  • Some BWay Gossip: Lea Michele’s ‘Funny Girl’ Ticket Skyrocket To $2,500 Following Beanie Feldstein’s Firing

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    Lea Micheleis both a blessing and a curse for Broadway. Radar has learned that since she announced that she’s replacing fired Beanie Feldstein, ticket prices have gone through the roof!

    RadarOnline.com told you first — Beanie was axed from the Broadway show Funny Girl due to low ticket sales and bad reviews, but she flipped the script on production.

    Now that the Glee star has stepped in to replace her as Fanny Brice, it’s a whole different ball game.

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    Lea’s opening night on September 6 will cost you a pretty penny. On SeatGeek, tickets for the production are retailing between $570 to $2,250. The most expensive is $2,500, and that’s before taxes and fees.

    With Beanie as Fanny until the end of this month, tickets are only going for about $69.

    “She signed a year contract but after the negative reviews and huge drop in ticket sales, producers asked her to leave in September when Jane Lynch was scheduled to leave,” a well-placed informant dished to RadarOnline. “They were doing her a favor, letting her leave when Jane left so it wouldn’t look like she was fired.”

    But Beanie decided to take matters into her own hands, taking to her social media and pulling the plug even sooner.

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    The 29-year-old Lady Bird actress “blindsided” production on Sunday night when she announced she’d be leaving Funny Girl at the end of July, leaving those in charge angry.

    “She will never work on Broadway again,” our source said.

    As RadarOnline.com reported, Beanie was slated to keep the role until September 25 — which was already earlier than the end-of-the-year date she had signed.

    Soon after Beanie decided on her July 31st departure, the production announced her replacement.

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    It didn’t take long for Lea to express her excitement.

    “A dream come true is an understatement,” Lea wrote on Instagram. “I’m so incredibly honored to join this amazing cast and production and return to the stage playing Fanny Brice on Broadway. See you September 6th.”

    Lea might bring in higher ticket sales but let’s not forget her reputation isn’t clean.

    Several Glee stars have spoken out about how she allegedly treated them on set, with Samantha Ware calling her experience with Lea “a living hell.”

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