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  • Saucy Santana: Girls were my main fashion inspiration

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    Saucy Santana says that his style was mostly influenced by women.

    The 28-year-old star – who started his career as a makeup artist before becoming a rapper – explained that while he “never wanted” to be a girl himself, he wanted to “dress feminine” and would make his cousin into his own “personal” version of superstar Nicki Minaj.

    He said: “Girls were my main [style and beauty] inspiration growing up. My girl cousin, Deirdre, and I grew up like brother and sister. Deirdre was my personal Nicki Minaj. I would make her get the Chinese bangs with the black hair that had pink streaks. She had to get her nails painted pink and black, too. She would wear six-inch Jeffrey Campbell heels.

    “I didn’t never want to be a girl, but I always wanted to dress feminine. Gucci Mane was my favorite rapper in high school. He influenced a lot of things that I started doing after that time.”

    The ‘Here We Go’ hitmaker – who achieved prominence as a rapper when his videos went viral on TikTok back in 2020 – also explained that he is not a huge fan of color when it comes to his looks and would “never” paint his nails bright yellow in case it makes him look “tacky.”

    Saucy – whose real name is Rashad Michael Harris – told Allure: “I love to look chocolate. [My current nail style] is only because it’s springtime, I’m not a big color person. I would never do full yellow nails — I always incorporate nude. I don’t want to look tacky!”

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