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  • Rupert Murdoch Bans Donald Trump From ‘FOX News’ Airwaves Because Of ‘Refusal To Accept His Election Loss’

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    Fox News – the conservative news network that once helped Donald Trump ascend to the White House – has seemingly turned their back on the ex-president, Radar has learned.

    In a surprising development to come amid rumors former President Trump is preparing to announce his third campaign for the presidency, Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch has reportedly discarded Trump in favor of Republican rivals like former Vice President Mike Pence and current Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

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    That is the shocking revelation made by a New York Times report published over the weekend that cited Trump’s “refusal to accept his [2020] election loss” as the reason the ex-president hasn’t been interviewed on the network in more than 100 days.

    Although the network has aired short clips of Trump’s recent speeches – including a speech made in Washington, D.C. last week to a group of conservatives – Fox News has not conducted a proper interview with Trump since the ex-president called into Sean Hannity’s show on April 13.

    Instead, the conservative news network has decided to feature interviews and speeches showcasing DeSantis and Pence, two Republicans reportedly set to battle Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

    On July 22, during a rally in Arizona in which Trump spoke about potentially running again in 2024, Fox News decided to air an interview between DeSantis and Laura Ingraham instead of the rally.

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    Then, last week, the network chose to air a nearly 17-minute speech by Mike Pence instead of a speech made by Trump on the same exact day.

    But Murdoch and Fox News’ broken relationship with Trump has not gone unnoticed by the ex-president, because on Monday, July 25, Trump took to his social media platform, Truth Justice, to trash Fox and Friends after the program found DeSantis beat Trump in two polls regarding a hypothetical 2024 Republican primary race.

    “[Fox and Friends]just really botched my poll numbers, no doubt on purpose,” Trump fumed. “That show has been terrible – gone to the ‘dark side.’”

    He added, “They quickly quote the big Turning Point Poll victory of almost 60 points over the number two Republican, and then hammer me with outliers. Actually, almost all polls have me leading all Republicans & Biden BY A LOT.”

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    Despite Trump and Murdoch’s on-again-off-again relationship, and the fact Trump hasn’t been interviewed on Fox News in more than 100 days, other reports suggest Trump’s lack of coverage could easily change if he officially announces his run for presidency or gets indicted for his alleged role in inciting the January 6 Capitol riots.

    “Murdoch associates say his frustrations with Trump have only grown; the two have barely spoken since Trump left office,” the Washington Post reported on Saturday. “But Murdoch’s reputation for pragmatism and Trump’s political durability make it hard to say for sure where their relationship will end up.”

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