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  • Mac Engel Column: WNBA player speaks honest truth about Brittney Griner: ‘If this was Shaq, he’d be home’

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    Fort Worth Star-Telegram

    FORT WORTH, Texas — A prominent American remains detained in Russia because Brittney Griner is not as prominent as her supporters want to believe. Because Brittney Griner plays in the WNBA, not the NBA. Because Brittney Griner is a woman. Since we’re being honest, it doesn’t help that Brittney Griner is gay, too. Since Brittney Griner was a star at Baylor, she always stood out. She is now stuck in the bizarre circumstance because she doesn’t stand out enough. “This shows how women are fighting for equality and we still have to fight even when it’s an American stuck in a Russian jail,” said Ari…

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