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  • Lizzo hopes Yitty brand will make fashion more inclusive

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    Lizzo hopes her Yitty brand will make fashion more inclusive for plus-size women.

    The 34-year-old singer revealed that while she is happy to have her clothes custom made, she wants to make the world of fashion accessible for everyone, not only those who can afford to spend more on clothing.

    She told Elle UK: “I’ve had a lot of shoots with people making outfits from scratch for me. And I’m not mad at it. Thank you. But what about the millions of people who are my size or bigger who can’t get access to chic and glamorous clothing? I don’t want to be the token big girl for the fashion world. I want to open the door. I want this for everybody.”

    And Lizzo said shapewear was the obvious place to start.

    She explained: “More than any piece of clothing, shapewear can make people feel ways about their bodies and, most of the time, it’s bad. I want to revolutionise shapewear. I want to change how people think when they hear the word ‘snatched’. I don’t want people to ever have to deal with a girdle again in their lives.”

    While Lizzo is now happy with her body, she admitted it took time, and the support of her friends, for her to accept herself.

    She said: “In doing the fake it till you make it method, I began attracting a lot of people who thought I was beautiful. In the past, a lot of people were my friend because they knew that having me around would make them feel better about themselves. But [my best friend] genuinely thought I was beautiful and helped me believe it and say it out loud.

    “I was like, ‘Oh no, my [beauty] is real.’ And I think that’s an important thing. You start attracting people who see you the way you see yourself. Anyone around you is going to notice you how you view yourself.”

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