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  • Kim Novak turns to painting to cope with grief

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    Kim Novak has turned to painting to cope with grief.

    The 89-year-old actress is still mourning the loss of her husband of 44 years, Robert Malloy, in 2020 but Kim feels closer to her late spouse when she is painting.

    She told Closer US: “I find my art is very prolific since my husband passed. I have a sense of him looking over my shoulder and watching me with that little smile on his face.

    “Painting a picture of him felt like we could still communicate in a warm and intimate way. It made me feel less lonely.

    “You have to be patient. Don’t be afraid to let those emotions out and then let go.”

    While dealing with her grief has been difficult, Kim also admitted the practicalities of being a widow, such as being solely responsible for her business affairs, have also been an adjustment.

    She said: “I learned how little I knew and did not fully appreciate just how hard my husband had to work. I never had to deal with business before, but now I have to do it all. Sometimes it’s hard to keep from feeling sorry for myself.”

    But the ‘Vertigo’ actress is grateful for the time she had with her second husband Robert.

    She said: “I had been married once before [to her ‘Moll Flanders’ co-star Richard Johnson] but it just didn’t suit me being married to an actor.

    “My love of animals and Bob’s love of animals that bonded us. Bob also had a wonderful sense of humour.”

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