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  • Idris Elba launches genderless skincare range with wife Sabrina

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    Idris Elba and his wife Sabrina have teamed up to launch a genderless skincare range.

    The actor’s partner has revealed the idea for the couple’s wellness brand S’Able Labs – which is Elbas spelled backwards – came about after they had a conversation about cosmetics in which ‘The Wire’ star admitted he felt he couldn’t use products which are aimed at women.

    In an interview with Vogue, Sabrina explained they decided to create a brand which includes all genders and ethnicities, saying: “We realised quickly that there was no one doing it in the wellness space that looked like, spoke like or felt like us – there was no representation for people of colour who wanted to be into wellness and fit in. Plus everything was gender-focused – I’d have conversations with my husband on products he didn’t think he could use (because they were aimed at women), but could.”

    They went on to create S’Able Labs which Sabrina describes as an “affordable but luxury” brand which aims to promote self-care for everyone.

    She went on: “When you are happier, doing good just comes naturally. That’s why self-care is such an important thing in partnerships and relationships – when you’re feeling really good about yourself, you’re able to share that with other people and it’s infectious.”

    Sabrina added of her business partnership with her husband: “It’s definitely had its hardships – we’d be completely lying if we didn’t admit that off the bat. But at the same time, it’s brought us so much closer together … And Idris is really new to the skincare journey – so it’s great to be able to share amazing skincare with him – he finally gets it!”

    The products include the Qasil Cleanser which retails for £28, Black Seed Toner which sells for £35 and the Baobab Moisturiser which has a £50 price tag.

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