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  • Harry Styles gave Olly Murs a Brit Award

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    Harry Styles gave Olly Murs one of his Brit awards.

    The ‘Watermelon Sugar’ hitmaker was unable to attend the 2018 ceremony so the 38-year-old singer – who has been nominated for six prizes at the event over the years but never won – accepted the Video of the Year accolade for ‘Sign of the Times’ on his pal’s behalf.

    And Olly was left stunned a few weeks later when he opened a mysterious parcel to discover he’d finally received his very own Brit from the former One Direction singer.

    Speaking to Heart Bingo’s blog, Olly said: “I love Harry’s Styles’ new album and I love Harry. Harry gave me his first Brit for ‘Sign Of The Times’.

    “He couldn’t make the Brit Awards ceremony, so I accepted it on his behalf. I jokingly said, ‘I will take it because I’ve never won a Brit’.

    “I didn’t think anything of it because as you walk backstage you have to give it back to one of the producers.

    “About two weeks later a gift came to my house and I opened it. It was from Harry saying, ‘All my love mate. Here he is’.

    “And it has my name on it. And of course, Harry’s name and ‘Sign Of The Times’. But I am like, ‘I have got a Brit award from Harry Styles!’”

    Olly previously spoke of how “dangerous” it was when he supported One Direction on tour because fans were constantly throwing things on stage that they hoped would be passed on to Harry and his bandmates.

    He said:”When I was on the One Direction tour, we were getting all sorts of things thrown up to us on stage. I think the weirdest things I was getting thrown was like passports, lipsticks and there were quite a few mobile phones.

    “They wanted you to pick up the phone, like take a photo and give it back to them. Fans were so obsessive, especially on tours with the One Direction boys. The fans just wanted one of them to touch their possessions.

    “But when you have got 15 phones flying towards you, it was starting to get dangerous at one point. I think they had to say to the fans could you stop throwing things on stage because someone got quite hurt by something thrown at them. I can’t remember, it might have even been me.”

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