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  • Greenpeace: Only way out of Putin’s ‘power games’ is gas phase-out

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    Klaus Mueller, President of the Federal Network Agency, stands in front of the house of the Federal Network Agency. Mueller says that Germany continues to be "at the mercy of Russia" despite the fact that gas is flowing through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline again after a maintenance-related halt. Oliver Berg/dpa

    The environmental organization Greenpeace says that Germany will be under Russia’s thumb until it decides to phase out its gas consumption altogether.

    “No one should be reassured” by the fact that Russian gas is flowing to Germany through the Nord Stream 1 pipeline again after a 10-day beak for maintenance work, said Greenpeace’s Reenie Vietheer.

    “There is only security from (Russian President Vladimir) Putin’s power games with fossil energies by phasing out gas as quickly as possible,” aid Viethier.

    The head of Friends of the Earth Germany (BUND), Olaf Bandt, said that though gas was flowing again, “the problems for autumn remain. The situation painfully demonstrates how heavily we depend on fossil fuels, first and foremost natural gas.”

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