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  • Clarence Thomas Out Of Teaching Job After Petition Demanding He Be Removed Due To Abortion Opposition

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    Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, who has become a target for liberals in the last few months, is out of his lecturing role at a prestigious law school, Radar has learned.

    Thomas, a staunch conservative, has been a leading voice in the overturning of Roe v. Wade. He has also come under fire for his wife’s text messages with White House officials to protest the 2020 presidential election results.

    Thomas has also called for the high court to look at cases involving gay marriage and contraceptives.

    According to the George Washington University student newspaper, The Hatchet, Thomas will not teach at the law school in the fall. He has been a lecturer since 2011 and an email went out to students to inform them.

    Thomas taught with Greggory Maggs in the program.

    “Unfortunately, I am writing with some sad news: Justice Thomas has informed me that he is unavailable to co-teach the seminar this fall,” Maggs said in an email, according to The Hatchet. “I know that this is disappointing. I am very sorry.”

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    A University spokesman told the paper that Thomas was “unavailable” to teach in the fall but will offer a seminar.

    The move came after 11,000 people signed a petition on Change.org to remove Thomas from teaching at the school.

    The petition was started after the court overturned Roe and ended federal abortion protections. It is now up to each state to decide if they will allow the procedure. The decision has led to waves of protests and a massive drop in the court’s approval.

    “With the recent Supreme Court decision that has stripped the right to bodily autonomy of people with wombs, and with his explicit intention to further strip the rights of queer people and remove the ability for people to practice safe sex without fear of pregnancy, it is evident that the employment of Clarence Thomas at George Washington University is completely unacceptable,” the petition read.

    The effort had roughly 11,500 signatures as of Thursday morning.

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