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  • Beyonce was made to look ‘too skinny’ for a movie poster

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    Beyonce was made to look “too skinny” for a movie poster.

    The 40-year-old pop star played the role of Foxxy Cleopatra in the 2002 comedy movie ‘Austin Powers In Goldmember’ but reportedly asked for the poster to be re-done when she felt she had been made to look too thin, according to the film’s makeup artist Kate Biscoe.

    She told Vulture: “When we were shooting, someone brought her a poster that would be promoting the movie. He showed it to her, like, ‘Do you like it?” And she was kind of like, ‘Yeah.’ He goes, ‘What’s the matter?” And she says, ‘You made me too skinny. It’s not me.’ Then she did this hourglass shape. And he said, ‘Okay, we’ll fix that.'”

    Kate went on to explain that Beyonce then left to film a scene and the art designer claimed he had never been asked to make an actress look bigger before, but he was willing to go through with it even though it would cost “thousands of dollars.”

    She added: “She walked away to go do the scene, and I looked at him and smiled, like, “Is that the first time that you’ve ever had an actress ask to make her body bigger?” He was like, ‘Yes. It’s going to cost me thousands of dollars, but I am going to do it.’”

    Meanwhile, Angela Meryl – who served as the stunt double for the ‘Break My Soul’ hitmaker on the movie – explained that while she and Beyonce didn’t spend too much time together on set, she could tell the pop star was “really driven” and goes after what she wants.

    She said: “My earliest memory is seeing Beyoncé riding on a golf cart by me with an AD or a PA. I didn’t see her that often because we were mainly on second unit. But as you get closer and you have an intimate conversation with her, it turns out, wow, she really knows what she wants and is really driven to get to where she wants to be,”

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