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  • Taron Egerton gets ‘filth’ from Sir Elton John

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    Taron Egerton gets “filthy” emails from Sir Elton John.

    The 32-year-old actor struck up a friendship with the ‘Cold Heart’ hitmaker and his husband David Furnish while working on the 2019 biopic of the singer, ‘Rocketman’, and they are still in regular contact now.

    Taron said of Elton: “He doesn’t text, he emails. He emails filth, normally.

    “I saw him about three weeks ago, he was in London doing sometour dates and I went to his house and we had crab salad and spicy lamb.”

    The ‘Black Bird’ actor confirmed he is currently single and though Elton has promised to play matchmaker for him, no potential dates have yet materialised.

    Speaking to Andy Cohen on his ‘Radio Andy’ show, he said: “He talks about it but he never really comes through with the goods, he talks a good talk.”

    Taron is looking for a woman who is “quite attractive and funny” – and preferably has a big butt to match his own.

    Asked by Andy if the first physical attribute he looks at is “boobs”, he said: “No, I don’t care about that. I’m probably more of an a** man I think. But there are no prerequisites.”

    Asked what he thinks about big butts, he added: “I’ve got a big butt, quite a big round butt, I can’t be with a woman who’s got a small one, do you know what I mean? It’s not going to balance it out, otherwise, when we’re walking away holding hands as a couple… It won’t work.”

    Taron is happy to have a “wagon” but admitted there are days when he’d prefer it if his derriere was smaller.

    He said: “Some days I wish I had a littler butt, it feels nice to have a wagon but then some days I think, there are certain pairs of trousers where it could be great if I could just slip into them.”

    One place the ‘Kingsman’ actor won’t be looking to find a new girlfriend is in his Instagram DMs.

    He said: “I’ve gone in there to have a look once every now and then but it’s like a portal to hell.”

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