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Bush Hemmorhage Continues. . .

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Today's SF Chronicle reports latest California poll figures showing Bush's popularity in the state at 28%, just shy of the lowest numbers ever: 24% for Nixon just before he resigned. Congress fares even worse, with only 23% approval, although Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who's up for reelection, is seen much more favorably and is favored to win. There is also a closely-watched Congressional election in North San Diego County (another Republican redoubt) to fill the unexpired term of disgraced Repiglican "Duke" Cunningham. In a reliably GOP district, the race is too close to call (and the Repiglican contenders are busily vilifying each other as not being conservative enough).


The same article reports that the Ohio poll by the Univ. of Cincinnati, issued Friday, shows Bush support at 35% in a "must-win" Republican stronghold.


According to today's NY Times, he's even bleeding in "Bushlandia," the rock-ribbed Bush bastion of Utah, Wyoming and Idaho: "A poll released in May by SurveyUSA, conducted in Utah for KSL-TV, found that 51 percent of respondents approved of the job Mr. Bush was doing, with 46 percent disapproving. The margin of error was plus or minus four percentage points. The firm, through its other polling, found that the only other state above 50 percent was Idaho, at 52; in Wyoming, it was 50 percent. Mr. Bush's approval rating has dropped as low as 23 percent in Rhode Island and New York.


In Utah, Mr. Bush took 72 percent of the presidential vote in 2004. His support has dropped since then, according to polls, because many conservatives are upset over immigration and, to a lesser extent, the expansion of the federal government."


The Times also reports that in Arizona the Senate race has become competitive, which could mean the much-to-be-desired departure of Jon KKKyl at the hands of a wealthy Democratic shopping mall developer, and a couple of Congressional districts have become competitive, as well.


It looks like there are opportunities in all these places to start turning things around. If you live in any of these areas, and you're sick and tired of the way the U.S. has been going, you can make a difference by contributing to Democratic candidates in competitive races in your state and volunteering for their campaigns. Money is important, but so are volunteers -- well-organized Democrats often manage to prevail over much better funded Republicans if they can reach their supporters and ensure that they vote on Election Day, and that takes volunteers, not just massive TV buys! And as we have learned in the past couple of decades of tightly won elections, every single vote counts!

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Bush" "Quayle in cowboyboots"


Today's rat jumping off the sinking ship is Vic Gold, a personal pal of Lynne Cheney's who spills the beans to the Washington Post. Actually all the beans are coming in his soon-to-be-published (this month) book, Invasion of the Party Snatchers: How the Holy-Rollers and the Neo-Cons Destroyed the GOP.


Until then we'll just have to be satisfied with what Gold, a close associate of Bush's father and a true believer from the Barry Goldwater days of conservatism, had to say to the Post:


"For all the Rove-built facade of his being a 'strong' chief executive, George W. Bush has been, by comparison to even hapless Jimmy Carter, the weakest, most out of touch president in modern times," Gold writes. "Think Dan Quayle in cowboy boots."


h/t Crooks and Liars

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