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Tom Isern
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A cynical friend offers:


1. They ought to dig Ronald Reagan up and hang him from the Washington Monument. The old fool couldn't SAY the word "AIDS" until his buddy Rock Hudson died.


2. As long as it was gay men, IV drug users, and Haitians, nobody gave a crap.


3. I still believe it was a biological warfare experiment gone awry, and that the government HAS the cure locked away somewhere.


4. AIDS, like the war on drugs, has become a growth industry. It's in their best interests to keep both going.


5. The more people who die, the fewer Democrats there'll be to vote against the knuckle-dragging neanderthal brain-dead neo-con Repugnantclones and their Non-Kristian Wrong ####.


6. Ditto the elderly, poor, disabled, etc. ... those bloated bodies in the water in New Orleans were NOT white Republicans.


7. It's not fair to compare George DUH-bya Bush to Hitler. Hitler was an evil GENIUS. DUH-bya is stupid and EVIL.

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