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President's Address on Immigration

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On reflecting on the immigration issue, which will be addressed by George W. Bush tonight in an address to the nation, I am mindful of the historical context in which this debate amongst American occurs. Most Americans are ignorant of their own history, and even those that are knowledgeable would rather forget the less glorious or ignoble aspects of their history. The 1846/48 Mexican American War is one of those moments in American history.


Mexico was a poor and internally divided country when the US cast its covetous eyes in their direction. As a direct result of that war, in which the US was the aggressor, the territory of the United States was enlarged by the acquisition of Texas, New Mexico and large parts of California. The war was motivated by the US doctrine of "Manifest Destiny" and pursued by President Polk on the behest of greedy land speculators and Anglo settlers who wished to occupy these Mexican territories but remain Americans.


The war was opposed by Americans who mostly lived in the North-East and were philosophically opposed to such expansionist ambitions. They lost out in the debate that preceded the war.


One hundred and fifty years later, Mexico has a large and poor population and America is the richest and most powerful country on earth. Many poor Mexicans now want to live in those territories that were formerly part of their nation. America does not want them. The fact that there are some 7 or so million Mexicans living illegally in the US and more arriving every day appears to me at least as another form of "manifest destiny" being realized by the Mexicans. Most Americans do not appear to appreciate the irony of all of this!

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Also, the territories that the U.S. gained weren't unpopulated. For long periods afterwards the majority of the residents were of Mexican descent, with family and other ties on the side of the new border. For many years, they had the right to cross back and forth freely, and there are still treaty provisions to that effect. The region continues to have a significant population of people of Hispanic descent whose ancestors were there centuries before the American conquest. So the issue of Mexican immigration and our relations with Mexico and our own Hispanic citizens is a fairly complicated one.


While we can't have wide-open borders in an increasingly dangerous age, it's worth pointing out that NONE of the millions of Hispanic immigrants to the U.S. has committed an act of terrorism. Using the threat of terrorism as a means to halt immigration is a naked ploy by the racists who want to keep America "white" and "Anglo." The Hispanic immigrants are not a threat to the U.S. Quite the contrary -- we need their labor and the wealth they produce.

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Well, the resuts are in. Bush, as expected, threw some bones to his right-wing base by saying he'd send the National Guard to patrol the border and promising a new higher-tech "green card" while insisting that any immigration reform provide a path to legalization and citizenship for those illegal aliens already here. For once in his career Bush has made a rational suggestion, but it's not likely to satisfy his racist base who just want to erect a wall along the entire border, while arresting and deporting all 11,000,000 aliens who are here illegally, and declare them all criminals into the bargain.


Lovely people, this "base." I trust Bush is beginning to grasp the full horror of having sold his soul to these scum in order to gain power. But they're not going to be happy campers and, as is their wont, are certain to start braying about how "betrayed" they are. Hopefully they'll become so betrayed and discouraged and dispirited that they'll just stay home in November. There's worse news in store for the KKKrischun wing of the Republicans, since the anti-gay marriage amendment that's another of their Holy Grails is expected to fail again, as is a proposed anti-flag-burning amendment. Karl Rove was perhaps the chief conduit between Bush and the KKKrischuns, and if he's indicted for perjury or worse that will further damage the ability of God's Own Party to marshal its KKKrusader base.


BTW, the KKKrischun KKKrusaders in the House may not be able to compromise with the Senate on an immigration bill (Bush's proposal resembles the Senate bill) which means NOTHING may happen before November. That will also be a blow to the "base." At this point, there's almost nothing that will satisfy them, other than a KKKrischun KKKaliphate, so they may just start to slink home where this unholy bloc can begin disintegrating. At least, I fervently hope so!!!

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RE: The Great Decider!


Well, as predicted, the "base" isn't happy. This is going to drive a big wedge between the old, classic Republicans (economically conservative/socially moderate) and the KKKrischun KKKrusader wing of the party. The ultras in the House are making their usual ugly noises. This may be the issue that leaves blood on the floor for the Republicans in 2006.


The KKKrischuns may stay home in November after this. The Hispanic community, which the Republicans have been wooing assiduously, has awakened and has seen who its enemies are. The organizers of the pro-immigration marches are embarking on a campaign to register at least 1,000,000 new Hispanic voters in time for the November elections. This could expand the Republicans' Pete Wilson fiasco in California nationwide, and cost them the Hispanic vote for a generation or more.

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