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Bush hits important mark

Boston Guy
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Republicans have been concerned that President Bush's approval might slip under the politically sensitive mark of 30%. Well, it happened today -- before the NSA scandal erupted:


[h2]Poll: Bush job approval at 29 percent[/h2]

May. 11, 2006 at 10:53PM

UPI - The Washington Times




U.S. President George W. Bush's job approval rating has fallen to 29 percent in a new Harris Interactive poll. It is the lowest job approval rating of Bush's presidency, The Wall Street Journal reported Thursday.


Of 1,003 U.S. adults surveyed by telephone, 29 percent said Bush was doing an "excellent or pretty good" -- down from 35 percent in the Harris Interactive poll conducted in April. Bush's job approval rating had been 43 percent in the Harris Interactive poll conducted in January.


About one-quarter of U.S. adults said "things in the country are going in the right direction," while 69 percent said "things have pretty seriously gotten off on the wrong track." The trend has declined every month since January, when 33 percent said the nation was heading in the right direction, the Journal reported.


The Harris poll results came on the same day that The Washington Post reported on a Gallup poll that showed Republican support for the Bush administration has fallen by 13 percent in the past two weeks based on spending policies.




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Hmm. And this comes from the conservative mouthpiece "Washington Times!" They must have really had to grit their teeth before printing this! I continue to love the fact that the Republicans sowed all the grief they're now reaping. Karma's a bitch, especially when it kicks in right before a critical election for them! It's probably even worse when they don't believe in Karma and it turns out to exist, after all! }(


If he's hit 29% BEFORE the phone data scandal hit, the next numbers are bound to be even lower. Especially as the news continues to harp on the help-the-rich tax cut extension, the non-plan to deal with major hurricanes this season, out-of-control gas prices (and it's not even Memorial Day, when gas prices usually jump at the beginning of the summer travel season), rising interest rates, and all the fascinating indictments and convictions that will start coming from the DeLay case, the Abramoff case, the Enron case, the Duke Cunningham case. . . Not to mention an international situation that's a tinderbox waiting to explode, thanks to Republican ineptness. It's not a pretty picture for the R's! Add to that the crumbling of their own base because the extremists are angry and disillusioned that their nasty agenda isn't going anywhere!


Ah, schadenfreude! Such a wonderful feeling!

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Washington Post.com just reported the following poll results:


"[...] 63 percent of Americans said they found the NSA program to be an acceptable way to investigate terrorism. [...] A slightly larger majority--66 percent--said they would not be bothered if NSA collected records of personal calls they had made [...]"


It turns my stomach to read that people would support this data collection program.



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There are many Americans who have never experienced an assault on their civil liberties, and some who would not recognize it when it’s happening. We may not even notice if we lose a little freedom every day for a “good cause”. By the time we look back over a year or two and realize what freedoms we’ve lost, it may be too late to reclaim them.


In a way, we’re lucky that some of this administration’s power grabs are so outrageous. The headlines may wake some folks up. If the message gets out, people can get outraged, and poll numbers can change.


A little leadership doesn’t hurt either. I was glad to see Dianne Feinstein’s (D-CA) comments on Thursday on the NSA warrantless wiretaps:


"I happen to believe we are on our way to a major constitutional confrontation on 4th amendment guarantees of unreasonable search and seizure and I think this is also going to present a growing impediment to the confirmation of General Hayden."


Also on Thursday, seventy-two members of Congress joined the American Civil Liberties Union and the Center for Constitutional Rights in filing court briefs to end the NSA warrantless wiretaps.


Right now is the time to speak up and remind folks that “use ‘em or lose ‘em” definitely applies to our hard-won civil liberties.

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