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Got this email today

Boston Guy
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I received this email today. I virtually always delete spam-type emails without even reading them, even if (especially if??) they are from my family. But the news about the NSA today got me curious, so I opened it up. I decided I kind of like it's message, so I'm posting it here, as opposed to emailing spam to all my friends. :-)




Subject: Your civil liberties are lost every day - please forward to all friends


It was revealed today that the NSA is compiling a massive database of phone calls, with the goal of tracking EVERY PHONE CALL made in the USA. That's right: every one of your phone calls will be tracked.


They say they won't be listening to the conversations. They say that they are not recording names, just the numbers. But any person with access to this database can turn those numbers into names with just a few computer keystrokes. Just think: George Bush can have a list of every person that you have talked for the last five years -- EVERY ONE OF THEM -- including exactly when and for how long you talked to them.


Oh yeah, if you called someone overseas: well, that phone call was actually recorded. The whole conversation.


Talk about Big Brother: who has access to your information? Who can access the list of your calls? The CIA? FBI? IRS? Your local Republican congressman or senator? Who in the government can get at this data? Guess what? They're not saying. They're leaving it for us to guess who's got our numbers. Literally.


What can you do? Two things:


1. Let Congress know how you feel about being recorded by the government.


2. Think hard about your vote this Fall. Congress protects itself by gerrymandering its districts. Out of 435 seats in the house, 405 representatives FEEL COMFORTABLE ABOUT THE ELECTION -- even though Congress has a 25% approval rate. Why? Because they know most people vote for the familiar face and send them back to Congress again and again.


But think about it: if Congress is doing such a lousy job, don't you think it's possible your Representative is just as guilty? Send the bums home and send Congress a message that this is still the government of the people and by the people and for the people.


Please send this message to all voters you care about!

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