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Mary finaly speaks out

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Found this article this afternoon. Hope y'all enjoy.

Mary Cheney Finally Talks

by Beth Shapiro, 365Gay.com New York Bureau


May 4, 2006 - 11:00 am ET


(New York City) Mary Cheney has ended her long silence on President George W. Bush and his very public stand in opposing same-sex marriage.


In a wide ranging interview with Diane Sawyer to be broadcast Thursday night on ABC's Primetime (10:00 pm ET/PT) Cheney says she considered quitting the 2004 campaign over the official GOP stand on gay marriage.


"I struggled with my decision to stay on the 2004 campaign," she tells Sawyer.


She also discusses coming out to her parents and the criticism she took from the LGBT community for not speaking out.


The interview was conducted in advance of the release this month of her autobiography "Now It's My Turn" but the timing of both has intrigued some gay leaders.


The book will reach bookstores just days before the Senate is to take up a new attempt to amend the Constitution to ban ban same-sex marriage.


Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) has scheduled debate on the so-called Marriage Protection Amendment for the week of June 5.


In her interview with Sawyer Cheney says that she refused to attend the State of the Union when she discovered Bush would call for support of the amendment and say that the nation must defend the sanctity of marriage.


"I didn't want to be there," she tells Sawyer. " No one banned me from being there. But I didn't want to stand up and cheer."


Cheney also says that the president offered to let her give a public statement in disagreement. She tells Sawyer that she declined but after discussing the matter with her family her father, Vice President Dick Cheney, did indicate publicly that he disagreed with the president on the issue. (story)


Sawyer also asked Cheney about coming out.


"There's not a moment I can ever point to and say that's when I knew I was different. That's when I knew I was gay," she said. "It just was sort of this thing that dawned on me over time."


She said that she was a junior in high school when she and her first girlfriend broke up. She was so distraught she wrecked the car and says she had to tell her parents the truth.


She tells Sawyer that she first told her mother, Lynne. "And it took a few minutes for mom to understand because I, I think at first she thought it was maybe just the most amazing excuse ever for a car accident," she said.


"She burst into tears and gave me a hug, but once I explained to her that it would actually be harder for me to lie about who I am, she came around pretty quickly," Cheney tells Primetime.


A few hours later, she told her father.


"He's just this great even-keeled guy, and I told him and his reaction was, 'You know, look, you're my daughter and I love you and I just want you to be happy.' And that was it," she said.


Cheney tells Sawyer that she and her partner of 14 years, Heather Poe, are an integral part of the family and that they have been welcomed to the White House.


Sawyer then turns to the GOP and asks Cheney if her father weren't vice president, would she still be a Republican?


Cheney says she doesn't like to answer "hypothetical questions," but added that if her father weren't on the ticket with Bush in 2004, she would still support the president.


"I think he's a very good man," Cheney said of Bush. "On these issues, he hasn't caught up."


That Cheney chose Diane Sawyer for the interview is as telling as the timing of it. It was Sawyer who Rosie O'Donnell chose to come out to on network television in 2002.


While Mary Cheney has come under fire for the past four years for not speaking out publicly against Republicans for using same-sex marriage as a wedge issue she also has been on the receiving end of attacks from the far right of her own party.


During the 2004 GOP National Convention Republican Senate hopeful Alan Keyes accused her of being a "sinner" and a "selfish hedonist" (story)


©365Gay.com 2006




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