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Beyond Jeffy-Lube

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Todays Washington Post is now on the case. And the Repiglicans are of high morals, and want to tell us how to run our lives...


>>>Federal authorities are investigating allegations that a California defense contractor arranged for a Washington area limousine company to provide prostitutes to convicted former congressman Randy "Duke" Cunningham (R-Calif.) and possibly other lawmakers, sources familiar with the probe said yesterday.


In recent weeks, investigators have focused on possible dealings between Christopher D. Baker, president of Shirlington Limousine and Transportation Inc., and Brent R. Wilkes, a San Diego businessman who is under investigation for bribing Cunningham in return for millions of dollars in federal contracts, said one source, who requested anonymity because the investigation is ongoing.<<<

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There was speculation on the news shows today that Goss may be involved in the poker games and other "amusements" offered at Cunningham's place in D.C. There's gotta be some very pressing reason for him to resign so suddenly, after such a short incumbency, and with what appears to have been no advance warning to anybody. Sounds like dirt is about to start flying. . .

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Guest zipperzone

>There was speculation on the news shows today that Goss may

>be involved in the poker games and other "amusements" offered

>at Cunningham's place in D.C. There's gotta be some very

>pressing reason for him to resign so suddenly, after such a

>short incumbency, and with what appears to have been no

>advance warning to anybody. Sounds like dirt is about to

>start flying. . .


And don't you just love it? Next we'll hear that Laura B was the "Lady of the Evening".


Give this crew enough rope and they will keep us all amused for years to come.

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Ex-CIA Director "Porter Goss lost the job he never should have had in the first place," writes Maureen Dowd in a column in Saturday's New York Times.


Excerpts from Dowd column entitled "Pokers, hookers and spooks":



So much news was popping out all over Washington on Friday, it was hard to decide which way to look.


I felt I had no choice but to go with Dusty Foggo, Top Spook.




Dusty turns out to be a friend of a defense contractor implicated in the federal corruption investigation of the imprisoned Randy "Duke" Cunningham, a former GOP congressman. The contractor, Brent Wilkes, is now entangled in allegations of louche and lewd behavior involving limos, hookers, a poker player with a missing digit from the CIA nicknamed "Nine Fingers," and Watergate hospitality suites where more was offered than just Scotch and pretzels.




...After John Negroponte gave Goss the ax, W. went biking in Beltsville, Md.


When spooks get spiked, W. spins the spokes.


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Beyond Jeffy-Lube, your tax $ at work!


From The St. Petersburg Times, 2/2/08:




Official at DCF linked to kid porn



By STEPHANIE GARRY, Times Staff Writer



The spokesman for the Department of Children and Families was arrested

on child pornography charges Friday night, accused of soliciting two

teen-agers to perform sex acts that he used to make child pornography.



Al Zimmerman, 40, who has worked for DCF since spring 2005, was

arrested in Lakeland and taken to the Hillsborough County jail, where

he was booked on eight counts of using a child in a sexual




Investigators say the victims were 16 and 17.



Investigators believe one of the victims was under the care of the

state at some point.



A probable cause affidavit filed at the jail says Zimmerman offered

one of the victims in Orange County money to pose for nude photos and

masturbate so he could create child pornography.



The affidavit says the crimes occurred between December 2005 and July

2007 in Hillsborough County and between October and this month in

Orange County.



It also said Zimmerman admitted the accusations.



"I'm shocked. I'm horrified," DCF chief Bob Butterworth said late

Friday night.



"This is appalling, disheartening in every sense of the word."



Butterworth learned of the investigation Wednesday and said Zimmerman

was fired Friday.



He has asked the Florida Department of Law Enforcement to work with

DCF to see if any other children in the state's care where victimized.



In Zimmerman's role as a DCF spokesman, there was the possibility of

limited contact with minors as part of his job, said Erin Geraghty,

another department spokeswoman.



Zimmerman's arrest stemmed from a routine investigation started by the

Tampa Police Department, said Sandi Copes, a spokeswoman for the

Florida Attorney General's Office.



She couldn't say how long the investigation had been going on, but

said it could result in more charges.



Zimmerman faces up to 120 years in prison if convicted on the current




He was being held Friday night on a $60,000 bail.



"I am completely shocked," said Nick Cox, DCF's regional director in

Tampa, who said he considered Zimmerman a friend.



"It's so much worse the nature of the work we're doing that this has

happened with him."



Zimmerman most recently has worked out of Tallahassee, but his

previous role at DCF was as spokesman for District 13, which included

Citrus, Hernando, Marion, Lake and Sumter counties.



He previously worked in journalism, including as a reporter for Bay

News 9.



According to his DCF biography, he is from Lakeland.



He made $75,000 a year, personnel records show.



The records show he listed Gov. Charlie Crist, then the state attorney

general, as a reference.



The file also contained his Florida criminal history, which showed an

arrest on fraudulent check writing charges.



Butterworth said nothing in his background would have predicted the

type of crime of which he is now accused



Butterworth has asked the DCF inspector general to review the case and

make recommendations for policy changes, which could include more

thorough background checks.

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