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The Bush administration:


J‘accuse-Administrative incompetence, unpreparedness and slowness to respond in emergency situations and the general managers he has hired in his administration (disturbingly foretold by The President's invovement in bankrupting businesses where he was responsible for managment and executive decisions in the past)


J‘accuse-Using deception, “flip-flops” and demonstrating hypocracy- related to close friends who are his advisors (i.e. Karl Rove)


J‘accuse-Shallow comments about “understanding” pain and suffering (note related to Republicans own facetious supposed Clinton remark “I feel your pain.”)


J‘accuse-Stretching American military forces to the limit: in Iraq on trumped-up arguments of WMD that do not exist; possibly limiting the response to a civil emergency situation in the US


J‘accuse-Getting us involved in a seemingly endless war; making enemies of peoples in countries that could potentially help us with our energy crisis; spending the hard-earned money of the middle and lower working classes in a military conflict that potentially will one of the biggest perceived failures in American military history


J‘accuse-Ironically, could be the greatest environmental President of the US due to letting fossil fuels seek their own price and letting supply and demand limit the ability of a shrinking middle-class and lower class to by fossil fuels- even though they may disparately need them simply to survive (I wonder if the new "energy bill" tax break was a pay-off to oil/energy companies to make-up for profits lost due to the inability of the middle and lower classes to by gas)


The Republican controlled Congress:


J‘accuse- Cutting funding of infrastructure that could help alleviate some of the current slowness in response to a national emergency


J‘accuse-Selling out to lobbyists of the auto industry and petroleum industry (who are in bed with one another) by passing empty “energy bills” and past energy policy that did not stress conservation or limiting fossil fuels which is probably contributing to global warming and intensifying the severity of hurricanes while giving more to the rich and privileged corporations.


J‘accuse-Fostering trade policies that have encouraged the outsourcing of thousands of US jobs overseas, which takes away from the US worker and gives more advantage to the rich.

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