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Christmas Charities

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'Tis the Season to remember those less fortunate than we... even if they live in a jungle far, far away! There are many worthy causes, but I just wanted to alert all you lovely creatures to one in particular, one close to my heart, the Borneo Project.

Borneo... the very name evokes such mystery, such exotica, doesn't it? Yet like most everywhere else, the forests of Borneo are being turned into pulp faster than you can say "Paper or Plastic?". However, there are still people living in those forests, descendents of those who have been there for some 10,000 years. They're trying hard to be heard in the court systems of Malaysia and Indonesia, the current co-owners of Borneo.

This is where the Borneo Project comes in. It is a VERY non-profit organization geared toward helping the indigenous people of Borneo fight in courts, national & international, against the

governments and corporations that threaten to destroy their way of life as well as one of the World's most fascinating ecosystems.

The Project's website can tell you more than I can. See http://www.earthisland.org/borneo/

for more details.

Not to use the guilt factor, but I've sent my entire Christmas bonus to this foundation for the past two years. If Those of you who've spent over $10,000 dollars in 2004 on escorts (see thread in The Lounge) were to send $100, you'd match my year's contribution in a blink.

Which is a lot of money, an unbelievable amount, actually, to the indigenous people of Borneo.


Wouldn't it be fabulous if a bunch of queers managed to save the Life of the World's third largest island?



La Trix

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In all honesty, I'm quite moved by what you wrote above. The message is simple and heartfelt. This is a really nice thread that you have started. I hope you get more positive responses.


The first time I had ever heard of the Borneo Project was in 1999. In Great Britain, there is a veteran talk show host by the name of Michael Parkinson. In late 1999, rock sensation Sting was promoting his CD " Brand New Day " on Mr Parkinson's show. The topic of the rain forests was brought up. Sting who is a consumate advocate to save the rain forests was very much ethusiased about this new project. Sting lives and breathes for causes and organises like this. I really got into the interview between these two gentlemen. Sting had a lot to say as he always does. I was very impressed. Later on I did some research. I was astonished by the ecology problems in Borneo. Ever since that time frame. Like yourself, I continue to donate to this wonderful organisation year after year. I have no regrets.


Having had the opportunity to have travelled to Borneo over three years ago. It makes my heart more fonder, I was there as a tourist to have a great time. Within the same context, I also was there to learn something. I wanted to be informed about the environmental problems that affect the island. What I learn't opened up my eyes to another part of the world that I had no knowledge of. Living in the Western World, the problems on this island just broadened my horizons beyond my expectations.


Still, this thread that you started will hopefully have meaning to other posters. You know what, I hope you continue to cry havoc for the Borneo Project in any way possible. You're a good man for doing this.



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