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Faces of the Fallen

Rick Munroe
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Click this link to see the face of EVERY SINGLE SOLDIER who has been killed in Iraq from March 20, 2003 through yesterday, arranged by date on a calendar. Click on each thumbnail to find out their name & how they died (if there's just a black silhouette, there was no photo available but you can still read their name and cause of death). Click on different date ranges or choose a specific name of a soldier. It's overwhelming to see them all.



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I hate when the W. Post does that posting! Thanks for the heads up alert that it is coming YET AGAIN, as I now know, to just throw tomorrow's Post into the trash, unopened.


I personally, find it highly offensive and totally tactless for the Post to use those photos/bios to advocate it's personal liberal objectives/opinions!


Are you aware that many subscribers and many of the families of the "posted victims" have voiced objections to the Post about those "morbid" postings?


Now ask me, what the Post's response has been to those objections. No need to reply, as obviously the Post has that "fuck you" attitude, as evidenced in yet another upcoming posting of dead soldiers, complete with all the biographical data, and morbid details as to date, time and method of death! x(


The result of that policy by the Post? Nothing positive, just negative, and the further inflicting of pain upon the families of the dead soldiers, splayed across the front page section, again and again and yet again! x(


Could you possibly cite a more biased, far leftist liberal publication than the Washington Post to make a point/observation? Yes, I know I asked that question before, and I appreciated the responses, but outside of the NY Times, I don't recall the others.

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>Is it better to ignore them and pretend they never existed in

>the first place?


Of course not, but I would like to believe that there is a better, less morbid way of remembering those who sacrificed their lives in Iraq than such a "sensational display" repeated over and over and yet over again, against the expressed wishes of their families. My point was, why can't the Post respect the wishes of the soldiers' families and do the honorable thing and make their point, without causing further pain to those families? IMO, their total disregard as such, is just a "cheap" journalistic ploy that "cheapens" the very sacrifices of the American soldiers that have perished in Iraq.


If you access the W. Post online, then I would suggest that you check out Thursday's Style section review of the new America At War, permanent exhibition at the Smithsonian Museum of American History. I know, that I'm going to check it out! I mention this, because one of the most rave reviews was about the Vietnam War (shades of the current Iraqi debacle) exhibit, the very first couch potato presentation of America at war. The display includes not only a real Huey helicopter, but also an artistic, haphazardly stacking of vintage 1960's tvs playing news reel footage of the war that was once broadcast on the the nightly news, including the daily body count of Americans killed and Vietnamese killed. As usual, as far as DC goes, admission free, experience priceless!


>By the way, Dolly sucked. :(


Sorry to hear that! I just bought tickets, yesterday, to her Sunday show at the GMU Center. I'll still go, as I haven't seen her live in concert yet, and the Post review said that she covers her entire career in music, which I would enjoy, as I love not only her latest "back to the home roots" bluegrass recordings, but her entire repertoire! As such, how can I go wrong? :)

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