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Schwarzenegger...A Complete Fraud?

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He is all for power to the people and against the special interests...hehehe! He is proving to be anything but as his administration finds all kinds of ways to hook up with the special interests he decries.

The latest is his staff getting around gift guidelines by having them given to their kids instead. One staffer even claims that giving expensive tix to sold out basketball games creates the possibility that kids whose parents are on opposing sides might bridge that gap between their parents. Here's what the gov's press secretary, Margrita Thompson, actually has the balls to say in the LA TImes:

"I've certainly heard of instances where two little boys whose parents are in opposing parties end up hanging out and bonding as children can uniquely do. And, suddenly, you have an even deeper tie."

The ties are certainly getting deeper between Arnold and the special interests!

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Guest rohale

Well this is fascinating. Looks like the bashing of Governor Schwarzenegger has begun. Let's take a trip down memory lane for a moment or two. It's so easy to forget how he became Governor in the first place. The state of California in 1998 elected for the first time in sixteen years a Democrat to the Governors mansion in Sacramento. His name was Gray Davis. He was touted by the media as the best Governor in waiting. He was going to work with the Democrats who controlled the State Houses. It was the picture perfect deal. By the time Governor Gray Davis took office, the economy of California was booming thanks in large part the tech industry in Silicon Valley. With the all the money that California was raising in revenue, logic would say it's natural to spend part of it and it would be wise to save some of the revenue for a rainy day. Did the Democrats heed the calling by economists who predicted that the boom will not last forever and therefore the state legislatures should put California's financial house in order. Unfortunately the State Legislature didn't listen. The Democrats spent the money like wildfire even on pet projects.


When the ecomomic boom ended the Democrats continued spending endless without any reservation or hesitation. What happened to Governor Gray Davis, he knew the warning signs were there, did he try to do anything to stop the runaway spending. Not really, he didn't have the guts to control his own political party in Sacramento. What was the end result, California's defecit roared into high gear and ultimately he paid for in the long term. Gray Davis survived the debacle of the energy blackouts in 2001. He even survived re-election, he was able to defeat Multi-Millionaire Bill Simon. In 2003, barely a year into his second term as Governor, the issue of the state defecit became the front burner issue. What was Gray Davis solution to the problem. When he found out that State Pro-Tem leader John Burton was not willing to budge an inch on social spending cuts, the illustrious governor decided to advocate the idea to raise taxes. It didn't go down to well with the people and ultimately a recall was initiated with the help of the Jarvis Group to remove Gray Davis office in 2003. It worked, the initiativee was put on the ballot and as most now know the man known as the terminator put his name on the ballot and defeated the incumbent governor.


Later that year Arnold Schwarznegger assumed the mantle of the Governor's office and began his tenure as California's leading politician. He like his predecessor Gray Davis has to deal with a Democratic legislature who still are spending money like running water. He has every right to bash Sacramentos legislatures. About ten years ago, the State of California was in the same position as it is today. Willie Brown was then in charge of the State legislature and Republican Pete Wilson was the occupier in the Governor's mansion. He always went along with whatever the Democrats wanted which as always was runaway spending. When Willie Brown left office there was a bit of a controversary with incoming speaker Doris Allen. After the Republicans pushed her out, Kurt Pringle took over the state legislature. He made it quite clear to then Governor Wilson that with or without his help, Mr Pringle intended to balance California's financial books and he did it with great success.


Now ten years later, the situation is roughly the same, a Republican in the Governor's office and the Democrats controlling the state legislature. There is a projection that the state budget for 2006 will produce new revenue. That's the good news, the bad news is the Democrats will most likely spend that money into oblivion. When will this fiasco end, not will the removal of the Terminator, but rather a new leadership within Sacramento. Hopefully the Republicans will take control and man to look for is Tom McClintok. He is considered the John McCain of Calfornia's politics. He's always pointing out the financial problems of this state and always has ideas on his mind.


So when people bash Governor Schwaznegger about idiotic matters like calling democrats girlie men, take a look at California's politics of the last ten years or so and then make a hasty judgement as to how good or how bad the current governor is. His fate will be decided at the hands of the voters.



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Guest rohale

I read the article this morning. He's soliciting money and that's why people are crying foul. Ironically his predecessor Former Governor Gray Davis was doing the exactly the same when he was in office. He spent quite a considerable amount of time soliciting from various unions and raised a ton of money for his re-election bid in 2002 and the recall bid in 2003.


People can moan and groan all they want to about Mr Schwarzenegger's double standard. I couldn't care less for that stuff. He's a poltician and that's how these guys in public office have to survive. By hook and by crook, they have to raise money in the worst way possible to get elected and four years down the road re-election. There is a bigger picture to look at, the state of California have massive financial problems and right now Arnold is current governor and at least he seems to care and willing to find a solution to these problems. He governs a state which has a population of 30 million people who expect him to solve the state's financial burden. This is the bottom line.



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Fraudulant Frauds


>There is a bigger

>picture to look at, the state of California have massive

>financial problems and right now Arnold is current governor

>and at least he seems to care and willing to find a solution

>to these problems. He governs a state which has a population

>of 30 million people who expect him to solve the state's

>financial burden. This is the bottom line.



Yes, and the solution as Warren Buffett pointed out, was to allow property taxes to exist at a level based on logic, not based on how long you owned your property. This is how we have absurd housing prices in certain areas that are also over populated, and vast stretches of under populated, low land and housing costs areas in this state. The people of California want a certain level of services and continue to vote for bond issues for such things as education and prison construction and yet do not want to pay for these services at a realistic level. The fact that the congressional delegation (democrats and republicans alike) cannot agree to cooperate in federal largesse keeps the state from receipt of millions and billions in budgeted federal aid for transportation, housing, and a number of other needs, which would alleviate budgetary problems.


Finally, yes, Arnold is acting no different than other politicians. And I will even defend his staffers (and their children): indirect gifts is not something the republicans came up with. However, he specifically ran on the idea of "cleaning up" Sacramento and getting rid of special interest politics. So, at the very best, he is exceedinly hyprocritical and Mr. McClintock is another right wing reactionary on social issues, who irrespective of how financially responsible he may be, has as much chance of being elected statewide as Bush has of a being elected president twice (as opposed to selected once and elected once).

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