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The New American Map

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The REAL Map


There is a far more fascinating, albeit less amusing map in yesterday's Los Angeles Times, based on electoral vote totals by county.


In this map, the only true red states are Alaska, Oklahoma and Nebraska, although Utah had a one or perhaps two or so counties where the two major parties tied and Nevada had one that Kerry won (guess); Kansas was also nearly all red except for two counties.


For example, in Southern California, Kerry easily won Los Angeles County proper, but he lost Orange County (obviously) but what may also surpise many of you is that Kerry also the two counties which comprise the land directly east of Los Angeles, between here and the desert cities, including Palm Springs, by healthy margins. Kerry also lost Ventura County, home of the adult film industry - straight and gay - although only by one percent.


There is also a population map by density provided, equally instructive.


Essentially, Bush is the president of rural areas, many (although not every) suburbs, ranchers, farmers, and all under populated areas, which exist in several single one of the fifty states. Kerry would be president of nearly all urban area, every major city, all large metropolitan population centers (including most, although not all, of their suburbs), but only in 47 of the states and in very small pockets of other states. For example, Kerry country in California is not even, geographically, more than half of the state in land mass, just in population. On the other hand, Atlanta, Memphis, Nashville, New Orleans, Little Rock, Releigh, Birmingham, et al., cannot be claimed by Bush.


Unfortunately, this is an Adobe PDF file supplied by the Associated Press, so I cannot provide a link to the map (or do not know how to do this), but the information can be found here: http://www.latimes.com/news/politics/2004/

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Guest bedstuy

RE: The REAL Map


I wonder what the comparitive GDP-per county Red vs. Blue overall would be. We all know how the red states leach 13 cents off every dollar from the blue states. Now who's the welfare queen?

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RE: The REAL Map


"We all know how the red states leach 13 cents off every dollar from the blue states. Now who's the welfare queen?"


My guess would be that just the two blue states of CA and NY together would have more welfare queens than the totality of all the red states together.

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Queen For A Day


As with the untrue and mythological story that a certain president was wont to repeat, of walfare queens in mink coats collecting food stamps from the limos, you should be aware that New York has the highest tax burden (federal OR state/federal combined) of any other state. California is 16th (however, property taxes here are exceeding low). (http://www.taxfoundation.org)


The bottom ten states are all red states, including the other two of the four largest states: Texas and Florida.


The big winners in getting more money than they sent to the federal government are such Blue states as Alaska, Missisipi and West Virginia. New York used to the state that gave more than any other and gave more to other states. However, it has now been eclipsed by such Bush voting states as Connecticut, New Jersey and New Hampshire.


Virginia, Mr. Hawksters, gets far more federal funding that it pays, due in large part to proximity to the seat of government. While California almost had parity in the early Clinton era, it now pays more than receives.




For those of you keeping score, this web site is produced by an organization that favors low taxes, and is as far from liberal or progressive as you can get and not be Ann Coulter or John Aschroft.

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