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What really happened...read this

Rick Munroe
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Posted by galiel on dailykos.com today:


This is not about Republicans or Democrats.

This is not about the war.

This is not about the economy.

This is not even about counting the votes.

This is the final step in the 20-year creeping coup by the theocrats, the Dominionists.


In the House and the Senate, the theocrats made dramatic advances, far beyond the number of seats that switched parties. On the GOP side, they have replaced moderates with zealots, and have significantly strengthened the support for the main theocrat bills that will be reintroduced in the new Congress.


You can hear it in the media's codewords: this election did NOT turn on Iraq or the economy or security, it turned on "moral values", the politically correct code-word for theocratic values, i.e., placing one's religion above the laws of man. Exit polls show that "moral values" were the most common #1 concern among voters, and that among those who marked "moral values" as their primary concern, 80% voted for Bush. Every state that had a same-sex marriage ban up for decision voted the theocrat way.


Diaries :: galiel's diary ::


When analysis of local races around the nation becomes available, it will become clear that theocrats have advanced everywhere, gaining control of even more school boards, gaining even more representation in city councils, winning even more seats in state legislatures.


Make no mistake, this election was the keystone of the theocrat coup. All that is left now is carrying out the agenda and changing the laws of this nation irrevocably to gut the Bill of Rights and establish a Dominionist government in America.


IN the coming days, Reinquist and others will resign, including half of the exhausted courageous liberals and moderates who held the line longer than anyone expected, and Bush will appoint a solid theocrat majority to the Supreme Court, and the Dems will not be able to stop it, fillibuster or not. The Dominionists have enough stealth candidates to push through like they pushed through Thomas, and the public pressure will be irressistible. In the next four years, theocrats will fill life-time appointments in the judiciary all over the nation, and essentially open the gates for the coming theocratic legislative agenda.


The administration will complete the overhaul of the science advisory committees and the Dept of Health and Human Services, laying the ground work for the overturning of Roe v. Wade and ending all biological research deemed objectionable to the theocrats.


They will complete their overhaul of the Education Department, starting a process of eliminating evolution from the national debate and working with the local and state boards, where they have now increased their control, to introduce creationism into the curriculum.


They will complete their overhaul of the Energy, Agriculture, Interior and EPA, which are already ridden with theocrats who reject the theory of evolution, and thus the concept of "fossil fuels", believing instead that their god has placed energy resources in the earth in just the right amounts for human domination of nature.


As soon as the theocrat majority is esconsed in the Supreme Court, Congress will pass three key theocrat bills, which already passed the House this time around and will pass the Senate next time around:


The Marriage Protection Act, which would bar federal courts, including the Supreme Court from intervening in cases involving a state's recognition of another state's civil rights bills regarding marriage;


The Pledge Preservation Act, which would bar the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from hearing challenges to the "Under God" part of the pledge;


The big one, the Constitution Restoration Act, which would bar the federal courts, including the Supreme Court, from hearing any challenges to violations of the Establishment Clause, the bill having been written by Harb Titus, who defended former Judge Roy Moore, the "Ten Commandments" judges. The bill goes even further, potentially barring challenges to the constiutionality of state laws, for example, mandating stoning for adultery, if such laws are based on Old Testament rationale.


(I know you read this and think, "ridiculous, this could never happen here". You have a choice now, you can listen to those of us who have been predicting the current outcome for a long time, or you can continue to listen to those who predicted a different outcome and who still misinterpret actual results according to a Pollyanish worldview that refuses to acknowledge the critical danger to our nation and think this is "just another bad election")


Now, most people don't understand what is really going on here.


They focus on homophobia as the issue, or they trivialize the Pledge issue as not being critical to Separation traditions.


The real point is that the theocrats are constricting the courts' ability to challenge the establishment of religion in this country. Making this a Christian Dominionist nation based on literal interpretation of Old Testament law is an explicit part of the theocrat agenda.


I warned before the election that they were one victory away, and that they would win no matter what the actual vote was, because they are zealots who would do anything to win, including fraud on a massive scale that folks here just don't want to even concieve, because they have never looked radical religious extremism in the face the way I have, having lived in Israel for 13 years in the past.


The theocrats will not be stopped, because Americans refuse to believe that it could happen here.


It is just like Germany in the 20's---not like McCarthyism in the 50's. This is far worse, but denial is rampant, because we just don't want to believe that our America could fall to Christian Taliban.


We've already reached the tipping point. It is only a matter of time, unless people wake up--and I don't think they will, the taboo on confronting the dark side of religion is just too strong here in America.


What about Ohio, you say?


The judges deciding matters in Ohio, like the two judges that allowed challenges inside the polling places, are theocrats - one was the author of the original draft of the Thornburgh brief urging the Supreme Court to overturn Roe V. Wade, the other was the dissenting voice in cases about 10 Commandment displays on government property.


You think it is a coincidence that Ohio is the first place where statewide, the teaching of creationism has been mandated in science class?


Wake up, America!


Thus, the election is already over, even though I personally think that Kerry won, not only Ohio, but states like Florida, and may even have won the popular vote, so deep is the fraud, led by the electronic voting machines--not just those people actually use to vote, but far more significantly those used to tally the votes, carefully placed in key districts, carefully managed behind the scenes, vote totals manipulated with no way for an audit or verification.


But, unless you understand who is actually behind this election victory, you probably dismiss that as hysterical tin-foil paranoia. Surely, you think, the margins in places like Florida are beyond contesting.


That is because you still think this is just a struggle between two competing parties in a democracy. That is because you just don't get it.


This was a coup.


All I can say is, the folks who predicted morning in America have egg on their faces today, even as the struggle continues in Ohio. You choose who to listen to. The future of America is at stake, not just the next four years.


Because this is NOT about the surface issues.

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Truly bizarre. If anyone shares his alarm, I would point out that virtually all of the items he thinks are on the agenda are instances where the liberals and courts have intervened to force, I emphasize force, changes of the way things have existed for some time, and undoubtedly existed when galiel's ancestors came to this country. In a democracy people should have a voice in changes in the law. But for too long, liberals have prefered to evade the democratic process and to encourage activist judges to change the laws and to force changes with no voice by the people. Most states had laws against abortion when the court in Roe v. Wade dishonestly said that a "penumbra" of privacy in the Constitution made such laws unconstitutional. The 10 Commandments have always been regarded as one of the sources of our laws and have appeared in courthouses etc in one form or another. Yet some judges have decided to change the application of the establishment of religion clause--ignoring the free exercise clause--to outlaw the ten commandments on public property. Attempts to force a change in the Pledge of Allegiance and force the exclusive teaching of evolution to the exclusion of cration, are similarly attempts by the liberals to force changes which are being resisted by the people. The point is that there is no danger of any Theocracy, and Republicans want no such thing. What they want is for the people to have a voice in changes through the democratic processes rather than having social changes forced by the liberals through the courts.

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In my high school and college days in the 60s, I was an avid consumer of science fiction. There was an active sub-genre then describing life in a future America that had fallen under the control of theocrats. They were pretty grim and scary stories, but they just seemed like fantasies. Evidently not. A lot of predictions by science fiction writers from that era have come true. The theocrats are on the march now in America. They're dancing in the streets today in Lynchburg and Colorado Springs and Virgina Beach. And it won't matter if the cretin running the show in the future is called the Grand Ayatollah or the Chief Rabbi or the High Inquisitor. The mentality and the results are identical. That's what America is facing. And remember that gays are the chief targets this time, because their unassailable scriptures define us as abominations who should be put to death (and it's well-documented that putting people to death is an activity that our newly-elected President gets his jollies from).


Here and there we find a few crumbs of sanity: here on the Kansas side of Kansas City we managed to defeat the handsome, square-jawed, articulate "Christian" fascist who was running for Congress on the Republican ticket. But it's small consolation considering the victories of real extremists in the Senate from Oklahoma, North Carolina and South Dakota. Of course, we can now buy assault weapons at K-Mart again, thanks to the theocrats and their friends in the NRA. If we each buy two or three, they'd at least have an army of faggots with Uzis and AK-47s that they didn't foresee having to deal with! Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!


Something to keep in mind about the theocrats: As true believers, there's no place in their thought processes for the concept of compromise. After all, you can't compromise on the truth. The problem, of course, is that each of them is certain of different truths, and sooner or later (more likely sooner) they and their followers will begin fighting among themselves to ensure the supremacy of their particular truths. We could easily see wars of religion break out on American soil, just as they have in Europe and in the contemporary Middle East and Africa. I'm starting to think that those science fiction writers were remarkably prescient. x(


As for the Merlins and Dougies of this world, they may yet come to deeply regret that they got what they so ardently wished for.

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I'm sorry, Rick, I admire your zeal for the things you believe in, but please don't fall for this paranoia. I live in an area where I'm sure Kos thinks theocrats have taken over. These are not religious maniacs, they are good people who have Christian beliefs that they live by. Yes, they are concerned about "moral decay" etc in America, but they are trying to stem the tide and aren't trying to create some theist state. There is no desire to eliminate the bill of rights or shove a religious belief down anyone's throat.


You may think that I'm naive, but I don't think it's so bad. There are total right wing religious extremists out there, and they sometime get elected here or there, but they don't receive widespread support and their agendas get defeated.


Don't let the defeat of Kerry turn you into a chicken little who thinks the world as you know it is ending. I believe moderation will win out in the end.


Kos is sowing political seeds purely to be devisive. Don't jump on his bandwagon.

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Sorry to disagree with you Scudman, but the Republiscum owe their victory to the fringe religious right, which finally came out in droves to hand Bush (and the extremist new Senators and members of Congress) their victory. Bush & Co. will owe them BIG TIME, and they'll deliver, because the administration is full of true believers. Just look over the real President -- Dick Cheney's -- record when he was in Congress. He's to the right of Attila the Hun, and he isn't the only one. We'll have more of Ashcroft; appointments to the Supreme Court whose goal will be to overturn Roe v. Wade and to recriminalize sodomy, along with tearing down the wall between church and state; amendments galore to the Orwellian Patriot Act further sacrificing our liberties on the altar of National Security; more outrageous tax cuts for the wealthiest among us while the already tattered social safety net is rent asunder; etc. THAT'S what Bush's base was voting for, and they will demand he keep his promises. And he won't have any problem doing that because it won't affect the obscenely rich in their private enclaves at all. They're well-removed from the tribulations the rest of us will have to face, with their private clinics, their country-club abortionists, their gated communities surrounded by electrified fences and armed guards. . .


I'm starting to think it's time to exercise my 2nd Amendment rights. A few nice semi-automatic assault weapons are beginning to seem like a smart thing to have around the house. x(

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Guest ncm2169

< Now, most people don't understand what is really going on here. They focus on homophobia as the issue ... >


Whether or not one agrees with the notion of a Theocrat ascendency, no one should doubt that Bush was re-elected by the Supreme Court again, only this time it was the Massachusetts Supreme Court. Their gay marriage decision gave Karl Rove the issue he needed to fire up the evangelical base and drive them to the polls in droves on Tuesday in MUCH larger numbers than in 2000, including, it should be noted, in Ohio. Their numbers ultimately overcame any advantage the Democrats had with new registrations and get out the vote efforts.


Note that I do not disagree with the gay marriage decision - I am only noting its effect on the election.

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>We'll have more of Ashcroft; appointments to

>the Supreme Court whose goal will be to overturn Roe v. Wade

>and to recriminalize sodomy, along with tearing down the wall

>between church and state; amendments galore to the Orwellian

>Patriot Act further sacrificing our liberties on the altar of

>National Security;



You neglected to add: state-sponsored puppy massacres, mandatory wedgies in gym class, Kathie Lee Gifford albums played in all elevators, pictures of Ronald Reagan tattooed on our foreheads, and the elimination of the letter "k" from the alphabet.


Isn't it exhausting to always be so worked up?


You really need to get a grip and return to planet Earth.


Tranquilly yours,



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You are actually agreeing with what I said before. The gay marriage amendment is a reaction to the real and anticipated forcing of the states to provide for gay marrriage by activist judges. Big changes in the laws should come about by the democratic process. But liberals have learned that they can evade democracy by asking activist judges to invent new laws imposing the liberal agenda by authoritarian means.

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Guest ncm2169

< You are actually agreeing with what I said before


Nonsense. I only observed that the Massachusetts Supreme Court decision allowed Karl Rove to scare the witless evangelicals. The fact that they're scared about the "imminent" forcing of gay marriage upon them is hardly proof that they're anything other than clueless. They're sheep following their demogogic shepherd. But, do they count? You bet.

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