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Letter bashing Kerry re: Vietnam

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The following is one of those "letters" that gets passed around via e-mail. I can not verify, nor do I claim, that the author is who he says he is. However, the letter is well written and makes IMHO an important point about how Kerry is a jerk and unfit to be president and commander in chief of our armed forces ...






Over 30 years ago we put away our medals and our uniforms. We buried our anger (some of it anyway) and our bitterness and moved on with our lives--and we waited.


Revisionists are trying to change history, claiming the returning Vietnam Veterans didn't suffer all that much when they returned home. All that talk of being labeled animals has been exaggerated over the years. But the veterans know better. We were there.


On the radio a few weeks back, one man related that he had unpacked the uniform hat he wore home from Vietnam over 35 years ago. It had not seen the light of day in all that time. He showed it to his children and grandchildren and, for the first time, spoke of the day that he returned home from war and was spat on, cursed at, and literally had run a gauntlet of protestors who threw human waste and rotten fruit on him and his fellow vets. With the words "baby killers" ringing in his ears he was warned by laughing policemen not to retaliate or HE would be arrested. So he ran. The able-bodied helped the wounded as they do on any battlefield because those on crutches or in wheelchairs were not spared the profanity and bags full of feces that were thrown at them by the raging anti-war protestors.


He wondered if he had landed in some foreign land where Americans were hated Finally, he cleaned up his uniform he was still proud to wear as best he could and made his way to his plane where he suffered more insults from some of the passengers. When he got home he packed up his medals and his dirty uniform, just as it was, and he knew that one day, he would take it out again and he would have his say. That day has come.


One POW stated that he had never put a face to the name until he heard the words "Genghis Khan" pronounced only as John Kerry does and suffered his first flashback the time he was being tormented by Kerry's words in a North Vietnamese prison camp.


We buried our anger and our bitterness--and we waited. Most of us didn't know who or what would be the signal to make our move, but we knew we would recongize it when it happened.


On July 29, 2004, it happened. John F Kerry came to the podium at the Democratic Convention and uttered three words that made many of us Vietnam Vets skin crawl: "Reporting For Duty!" At last the time had come for all of us long suffering Veterans.


The past was staring back at all of us wrongly disgraced vets from our television sets. The face it bore was that of John Kerry, the man who had shredded our honor without a thought and climbed over the bodies of our fallen friends to launch a political career. Kerry had stripped us of our dignity the day he sat before Congress in his fatigues and portrayed us as "baby killers" and "murderers." Kerry did the unspeakable. He had publicly turned on his fellow vets while they were still in harm's way and American prisoners were still in the hands of the enemy. Kerry accused us all of being out of control animals, killing, raping, and pillaging Vietnam at will. The anti-war movement, the protestors--had their hero and he was a Viet Nam veteran, an officer, a medal winner, a wounded warrior: John Kerry. Personally, I don't consider him a veteran, a medal winner, or a wounded warrior. I consider him a coward. I was a member of the 173rd Airborne Brigade in Vietnam during 1968 and 1969, one of the toughest fighting units in Vietnam and I never once saw any of the so-called atrocities Kerry refers to. I did see a lot of enemy soldiers killed and a lot of American soldiers killed and as a combat medic I saved the lives of wounded soldiers on both sides. We didn't kill wounded defenseless enemy soldiers just to add a kill to our personal records. War can be brutal but integrity can still exist among men who are worthy of it. I have no doubt that had Kerry been with the paratroopers of the 173rd Airborne Brigade his name would now be on "the wall." A man with his purpose of being in Vietnam could not have survived with "the herd."


Many Vietnam Vets buried the memories of their less--than-welcome homecoming, as John Kerry moved off the national scene. The feelings of betrayal had faded, but they were never resolved. The unprecedented injustice inflicted on Vietnam Vets has always lain just under the surface, waiting for a chance to be uncovered. The war stole our youth and John Kerry stole our dignity and rightful place of honor in history.


Like an unlanced boil, the anger has festered over the years but there was nothing to ease the pain. We didn't ask for "forgiveness" because we have done nothing wrong in serving our country. We never asked to be treated as heroes, just good soldiers. All we have ever wanted was the respect due all the men and women who have worn the uniform of this country.


Now before us stands this man who would be president--this man who holds his service in Vietnam up as a badge of honor now that it suits his purpose. This man Kerry brags about his medals and his tiny insignificant wounds and demands the respect we were denied, yet he offers no apologies for what he did to us. "I will be a great leader!" Kerry proclaims, because of his brief and self-proclaimed valiant service while wearing a uniform--the very same uniform we wore and were spat upon because of it.


All across America, soiled uniforms and memories of being shamed and humilitated have resurfaced and us Vietnam vets demand our rightful place in history. John Kerry seems a bit bewildered by the reaction of his "fellow vets." He has become defensive and angry because now "his" service and honor are being questioned. Kerry seems oblivious to pain he caused three decades ago when he stole all honor and dignity from those same "fellow vets" for personal gain. Now he wants to use us again for that very same reason.


I hope that all across America VietNam vets are smiling as I am. At last, perhaps we can bury our demons. We are demanding that this man who

sentenced us to being shunned as criminals, tell the world that he was wrong and that he is sorry for what he did to us. Kerry must admit that he

lied about us.


For many of us it will still not be enough. Satisfaction and hopefully peace will come when us VietNam vets see and hear John Kerry give his

concession speech the night of November 2, 2004 with the knowledge that it was our votes that helped defeat him. There are approximately 2.5 million VietNam vets in this country and we have NOT forgotten.


Kerry denied us our rightful place and we will deny him his dream of the presidency. All of us Angry VietNam vets, silent for so long, will finally have our say. Payment in full will be delivered to John Kerry on November 2, 2004. Revenge is indeed a dish best served cold.


What you have just read has come from two sources. One being an article I read which was written by Barbara J. Stock, a registered nurse who gave me permission to reprint any portion of her article which was written after interviewing numerous VietNam veterans. The other source comes from my own feelings about John Kerry aka Hanoi John and what he did to us VietNam vets. Here is a man who like Hanoi Jane directly caused the torture of American Pow's while still being held captive. These men were defenseless and John Kerry's actions kept them there longer. I can think of no better definition for "traitor." In my opinion anyone who could vote for this man to become the president of the United States is not the type of person this veteran could ever have any respect for.


Mike Bronner

Airline Captain, retired

Vietnam Veteran

Ohio City


This is a letter I wrote for the local paper. If I can just keep one vote from that traitorous piece of garbage I will have done my part. Pass it on

if you like it, maybe we can steal a couple votes from him.

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It's wishful thinking. And I've never seen an iota of proof that Kerry's testimony was used by the North Vietnamese in torturing American prisoners. If John McCain had said it, I might have believed it. But he's never said it, to the best of my knowledge.


Vietnam veterans are not of one mind about this. I was at several of the gargantuan mobilizations against the war on the Mall in Washington, and there were many servicemen and Vietnam returnees there. I was in graduate school in Canada at the time and there were many deserters from Vietnam who had moved there, along with thousands of others who left the U.S. to avoid being drafted to Vietnam.


The millions of people against the war, like Jane Fonda and John Kerry, were trying to STOP it, so nobody else would be killed, or subjected to capture and torture. Duh! And the letter-writer completely ignores the fact that the protesters were right. We were led into the war based on lies (just like Iraq), we had no national interest in being there (just like Iraq), and the alleged threat represented by Vietnam was non-existent (just like Iraq). Those of us alive at the time all remember the dire predictions of the hawks that all of Asia would fall to communism like dominoes if we pulled out of Vietnam, or yellow hordes would be invading the beaches of Santa Monica if we gave up the fight. None of it was true, and none of it happened when we finally gave up and fled in ignominy.


The letter-writer's hatred and bitterness are misplaced, at best. He should save it for the people who sent him to Vietnam in the first place, where he was exposed to mortal danger for NOTHING except the ego and vanity of men like Lyndon Johnson who, just like the current occupant of the White House, cannot admit their mistakes.


And as for the current occupant of the White House, he truly deserves impeachment for deliberately lying to Congress about the reasons for invading Iraq and the resulting deaths of thousands of people. It's abundantly clear now that it wasn't a "mistake" about WMDs. It was a deliberate series of lies and deceptions. And as the bumper sticker says, "Nobody Died When Clinton Lied." Voting the lying S.O.B. out of office wll be much faster and more effective than trying to impeach him.

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