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Looking Back to 2000 (Late October Polls)

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What was Gallup saying 4 years ago? Bush leads Gore by 7 percent.


October 29, 2000

By CNN Polling Director Keating Holland


WASHINGTON (CNN) - GOP presidential candidate Texas Gov. George W. Bush continued to maintain an advantage over Democratic Vice President Al Gore in Sunday's CNN/USA Today/Gallup tracking poll.


Forty-nine percent of respondents said they supported Bush while 42 percent said they would vote for Gore, no change at all from Saturday's poll.


Support for Green Party candidate Ralph Nader and Reform Party candidate Patrick Buchanan also remained unchanged at 3 percent and 1 percent respectively.


The poll results are not predictions, but instead are merely snapshots of who likely voters currently favor.


In the past, the poll has shown Bush with at least 48 percent of support for five consecutive days, and Gore with no more than 43 percent during that same length of time.


That stability indicates that Bush has built a solid advantage over his rival in the post-debate phase of the campaign.


As always, the key question is whether Bush can hold that advantage, since neither candidate has been able to permanently take control of the race since Labor Day.


Each day, CNN is significantly increasing the number of interviews conducted for each poll. Saturday's poll was conducted from 1,368 interviews, compared with 1,858 interviews used for Sunday's poll.



October 25-27

Likely Voters' Choice for President






Nader......... 3


Buchanan.... 1


Sampling error: +/-2.5 percentage points


* * *


Here are results from some other national polls on the presidential race



ABC News/Washington Post: Bush 47 Gore 46

MSNBC/Reuters/Zogby: Bush 44 Gore 43

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How times change. A relative of mine is a Texan, active in Republican doings in the state and so forth. In fact, in the picture taken of then Governor Bush announcing his run for the presidency, my relative is plainly visible standing near Bush. It should have been clearer, I guess, but it wasn't.


Before that election, I had a long conversation about with my relative about what a Bush presidency might be like. Absolutely none of his predictions came to pass. Bush has seemingly behaved very differently than a lot of people expected. Fortunately, we had part of this conversation via e-mail so I have a bit of an audit trail. My relative lapses in to political-speak, really won't defend much of what Bush has done but won't speak against him either. Deep down, I think Bush embarasses the old-time, real, conservatives.


Prior to the 2000 election, I thought Bush would be mostly harmless if elected. Little did we know the same henchmen who took Dad over the cliff after his term would be appointed by W. In hindsight, it should have been clearer. I didn't vote for W but I also didn't believe he'd be as divisive as President as he's been.




P. S. One guy around who I'd think would make a good president now is John McCain.

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>P. S. One guy around who I'd think would make a good

>president now is John McCain.



The guy has a short fuse on a nasty temper, and he holds grudges longer and better than anyone else in politics. Be thankful his health is not good enough to support a run four years from now. Enough people like you are enamored of his image, that he might do some real harm if he had a chance.


There might be some comic relief, though, to see all the Republicans who bad-mouth Teresa Kerry, having to shut up about McCain's drug-addicted wife.

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If you will remember from 2000... a few days before the election the story about Bush's DUI hit the news as a late October surprise costing him some votes. The hit Bush took from the DUI news was not reflected in that late October Gallup Poll. Zogby was the closest poll to predict the 2000 election.

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