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Vote Early, Vote Often

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I traveled to Beverly Hills today, to see the William Gage designed city hall and the rest of the civic center area built around it, to vote early.


Here in Los Angeles county, we are using the same touch screen computer voting machines in use in many Florida counties, which do not provide a print out, or paper trial of each voters selection. A confirmation screen, which reflects all choices made, is presented to the voter and, if acceptable, an additional press of the button registers and "casts" the vote.


I was not asked for identification, even though when I telephoned, I was told to bring it, and I did not see others asked for identification. There was a small crowd ahead of me waiting to vote and there was a large crowd (about 30 or so people), this was in the mid morning) waiting as I left.


By the way, for those who care, I voted, reluctantly for Kerry. It is not that I am unethusiastic; I am not a member of the democratic party to feel this way. Rather, I would have normally voted for the Green or Libertarian candidate to increase their vote count and increase their future, potential viability, and also because the views of either of these two men more closely match my own. Additionally, California, particularly Los Angeles county is not "in play." Kerry will easily win the state popular vote and its electoral vote by a large margin.


Rather, given the news about the chief justice and his health, I simply decided that a larger popular vote majority for Kerry merited this decision. I would have preferred to see more capable individuals, from both the republican or democratic parties, than the two men from whom one will invariably be selected. But this is not an option. Bush has not shown that he should be elected, nor should he ever have been selected four years ago.



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In California, you do have to sign the precinct book before being allowed to vote. Ordinarily, people are not required to identify themselves in any other way. In the past few years, many states (not sure about California) require FIRST-TIME voters to identify themselves before they can cast a ballot. Those who vote absentee have to mail in a copy of a driver's license, utility bill, etc. showing their residence.

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Not voting for either Kerry or Bush would have been sort of like rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to win the World Series.


True, California is not in play, but the wider the Kerry margin, the more liberal your governor will become. Since he's our best chance for getting a Kennedy back into the White House, do your best to keep him honest.

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>In California, you do have to sign the precinct book before

>being allowed to vote. Ordinarily, people are not required to

>identify themselves in any other way.


The media has been reporting that many more states are now requesting or requiring IDs at polling places. It is part of what some lawyers hired by the democratic party are going to incorporate into their arguments about voters being disenfranchised.


However, early voting for me here in Los Angeles was like early voting in San Francisco when I lived there in the early 1990s; I was not voting in my precint.


I did had to submit an absentee ballot request, as did everyone else, but again, at this location (run by the county registrar, no one was asked for identification or to sign anything besides the request. However, while I was waiting, a few people were pulled out of line and asked about change of addresses or other discrepencies. One of these people got to vote, while I was there. I cannot speak to what happened otherwise.



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