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OK, time for me to admit it. There is a Republican I respect

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Yes it true, There is a Republican I would respect and be comfortable with in the White House.


Sen. Bob Dole was one of the few Republicans I respected. He is a man who was a war hero, who truly believed in service to country and was respected by all who know him.


He would have made a great President had he been elected. While I did not vote for him, I always said I would have been ok with him leading us in peace time or war.


Oddly enough he ran for President more than once and never won. He is one of the few stars of the Republican party. It's a shame he retired from public service. I believe if he were still active in politics, he would have not allowed Bush to do all the terrible things he has done.


While he and I disagreed on most issues, I knew his Presidency would have been based on the best interests of our nation, not the best interests of his family and friends. After 4 years of Bush. I'd gladly take that any day.

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If you do a Google search for "Bob Dole" and "mean-spirited," you'll come up with 3,000 hits. The following is just one of them.


==Bob Dole was faced with a choice over the weekend: Do like John McCain, another decorated Republican war veteran, and denounce the unproven allegations about John Kerry’s war record, or use the respect he’s earned over the years from members of both parties to give the anti-Kerry Swift Boat veterans that much more power. He chose the latter. It’s just “political hardball,” he said yesterday. “I wasn’t trying to be mean-spirited. I was just trying to say all these guys on the other side just can’t be Republican liars,” Dole said in a follow-up interview with CNN.


That’s putting a positive spin on not only helping to perpetuate unverified allegations about someone’s record (some call them lies) but unfairly – and wrongly – diminishing a fellow veteran’s war wounds. Kerry “never bled that he knew of” in Vietnam, Dole said on CNN on Sunday, questioning whether Kerry deserved his three Purple Hearts – remarks that garnered lots of media attention for being made so bluntly by such a prominent Republican. “I mean, they’re all superficial wounds,” he said. In fact, Kerry still carries shrapnel in his left thigh. Dole insists that Kerry must understand why he said what he said – it’s a presidential campaign, after all, with only 70 days to go. Hardball.


In one of two editorials on the Swift Boat issue, the Los Angeles Times chided Dole for his below-the-belt remarks and made a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that the two parties continue what Dole started and compare whose members left more flesh and blood on the battlefield.


“So give this round to the GOP. Next, the Democrats can be represented by former Sen. Max Cleland of Georgia, who lost three limbs in Vietnam, and lost a Senate race to a Republican who questioned his patriotism. Two parties can play this game. But who on Earth would want to?” ==

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