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Dems winning battle for New Voter Registrations

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Guest ncm2169

Yahoo! News   Tue, Oct 19, 2004


Democrats Signing Up More New Voters


By ROBERT TANNER, AP National Writer


< The Democrats appear to be gaining the upper hand in the battle to sign up new voters in the all-important swing states, an Associated Press analysis suggests. The AP analysis of the most up-to-date figures from across the country found that, in every state where complete data is available, the Democrats have registered more new voters than Republicans. They have the edge in Arizona, Iowa, New Mexico, Nevada and New Hampshire.


< Some examples: >


In New Hampshire, a state that George W. Bush won by 7,211 votes in 2000 — the Democrats have signed up 6,814 more new voters than the Republicans have. The Democratic rolls rose by 3.7 percent, compared with a scant 0.2 percent for the GOP.


In Iowa, Democrats have registered 42,074 more of their supporters than the GOP — this in a state Bush lost by just over 4,000 votes.


In New Mexico, the Republicans increased their share of voters, growing by 9 percent while Democrats grew 7.7 percent. But the Democrats still added nearly 10,000 more voters. The voter rolls grew overall at 7.6 percent in Arizona, with Democrats seeing a 7.5 percent increase and Republicans 6.1 percent. >

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> The voter rolls grew overall at 7.6 percent in Arizona, with

>Democrats seeing a 7.5 percent increase and Republicans 6.1

>percent. >



Which at first looks like fuzzy math -- but what is happening is that the Independents are leading both parties.


Some of that has to do with being able to choose which party's primary in which to vote, and some of it has to do with general disgust with both parties.


An LA Times story yesterday quoted Kerry supporters as saying that Independents in Arizona are polling 2-1 for Kerry; perhaps that is wishful thinking, or perhaps the state will be closer than most politicians expect.

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I hope for a very pleasant surprise from all these new voters!


Having been a Dean supporter I already know that polls are fucking worthless. But the fact that they don't count new registrants, or often even people who don't vote every election makes them worthless in my opinion.


This administration has radicalized so many, and I think they'll all be sure to vote. Hell, I'm even a little hopeful it won't even be close by the end, and just wish there was more play given to how important Congressional choices will be too.


But I don't know what will happen, and neither does anybody else. Hopefully we'll know by midnight on November second, republican lawyers notwithstanding!


That's what worries me far more then whatever corporate media has to say about Kerry's Poll numbers, that Republicans will do absolutely anything to win, they've already been illegally destroying new voter registrations! I hope there are plenty of bright lefty poll workers keeping a sharp watch, and people of principal (from either side) who will step up and take action if they hear about more BS like Florida '00, boxes of lost ballots, roadblocks in poor neighborhoods, police in the precincts, etc.

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