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Baseball in the Religion Forum?

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It seems so. There have been so many players in the playoffs pointing to the sky, falling on their knees, and crossing themselves that I am not sure if they are in the ballpark or a tent revival. It is so ludicrous to think that God is taking a partisan interest in a team or the individual players. Even Rudy Giuliani skipped the Yankees game tonight, and he thinks he is God! (Has any single individual made more money off of 9-11 than Rudy?)


Fortunately, God insists on smiling on the Yankees over Boston. (I pray every night for A-Rod).


Maybe if the Red Sox would just cut their hair...

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Some of those athletes have said they are pointing to the heavenly spirits of their parent or grandparent, who they believe are "watching over them," or whose memory they want to honor. The practice seems akin to that of those soldiers, on both sides in a war, who want to believe that their god is on their side. A common superstition, aligned with the belief, again held by both sides, that the other side "values human life" less than "we" do.


Same kind of superstition underlies Bush's belief that his god is on his side in all that he does, no matter what it is.


These kinds of superstitions are a huge problem when they stem from monotheistic beliefs with their concomitant "all or none" conclusions. They pose grave threats to today's world, according to a new book called The End of Faith, by Sam Harris.


At any rate, the BoSox are probably afraid to cut their hair because of the Samson myth....

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I hope the Yankees beat the BoSox 4 straight, as there is nothing more pathetic than all the whiney BoSox fans, especially the bandwagoneers! What the hell, rain delay with the Yanks up 2-0? Finish the rain delay on Saturday with a Yankees victory, and bury the BoSox with another Yankees victory on Saturday night!


What could be more nostalgic than a classic Cardinals vs. Yankees World Series? :)

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It is so ludicrous to think that God is taking a

>partisan interest in a team ...


God obviously isn't involved in the baseball playoffs, or else the DODGERS would have been given the BRAVES in the playoffs and we would still be in it.


Lucky, good to see you and the BF last night. And you and George are not the only baseball fans here. But you may be the only Yankee fan in southern CA.

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Nice to see you too. I hope you have fun in Rio.


It's also nice to see a couple of baseball fans pop up here. Kinda lightens the load on the heavy-duty stuff about politics, don't ya think?


Predictions for today: Houston and Boston will get their necessary wins. If Boston can't win the home game with their fans cheering them on, then they probably are cursed.

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