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What do you think would happen?

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With Bush's constant talk about democracy being "on the march" in Iraq, and his incessant reminders that free elections will be held there in January of 2005, one has to wonder just how free and democratic those elections will actually be. If the elections are going to be truly democratic, it seems to me that the Iraqi voters ought to have the opportunity to vote for any Iraqi they desire to serve as the next president. I fully suspect that the election will be a sham, and they won't be able to vote for "certain Iraqis" (those who will be predetermined to be unfit for office by the American occupying authorities). It would be highly interesting, however, if my cynicism were proven wrong, and that any Iraqi who desired to run for office would be allowed to do so (real democracy). For instance, Saddam Hussein has indicated that he intends to run for that office. It would be an interesting election if he were allowed to run, just to see how much popular support he still enjoys, and a commentary of sorts on just how popular the American occupation is with the Iraqi citizenry. Now I don't think the American occupying force would let him run in a million years, because their real objective is to see someone "elected" that is friendly to U.S. interests (as opposed to true democracy). Some Iraqis who hate Saddam with a passion have indicated that they would vote for his return as president, finding it preferable to the current state of affairs.


Personally, I would find the return of Saddam to power as terrible and offensive as I find the prospects of George W. Bush being returned to power this November. For the sake of discussion, what do you think would happen if Saddam were allowed to run for office in January? Would he be elected?

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Please tell me you don't think Saddam Hussein has to be allowed to run for Iraq to be a "real" democracy. With any luck he will be too busy to run because he is standing trial for charges of genocide.


I'm sure he has his supporters in Iraq. At least some of the people did well in his regime. But most of the information I have gotten suggests a very substantial majority hate him like poison (gas). Now that doesn't mean a love for the US presence or the occupation but the Iraqis don't seem to want him back.


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I agree that Saddam will never be allowed to run for office. However, that is based on my opinion that the US continues to control Iraq, and, current Iraqi self rule is a fantasy.


Actually, if Saddam Hussein is serious, allowing him to run would be the ultimate message that the US is not running Iraq.


In any case, I have no idea what his chances of winning are, but, I would not be surprised if he did win. Yes, he was a horrible dictator. However, he made frequent statements about fighting the US. Given what life in Iraq is like now - lack of electricity, lack of clean water, increasing disease, an unknown - and climbing - number of Iraqi's killed and hurt, I do think Saddam would have a chance of winning a fair election.


But, speaking of an election, it's now two and a half months until the beginning of January, 2005. I've not heard if the proposed elections are scheduled for the beginning, middle or end of January. In any case, there's not a lot of time. Who is running for office? I've read reports that the Iraqi government has not even started to create a voter list. Without a voter list or candidates this close to an election, what type of election can possibly be held? Unless, of course, it's a sham.

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As much as I opposed our war in Iraq, I will be the first to say Sadaam is a Dictator. I would not want to see him return to power. His record on Human rights issues is very troubling.


After say that, I do agree that in the "Make Believe world" it would be interesting to see what would happen if his name was on the ballad with the other candidates. While I do not doubt that before the war many if not most of the people would have liked to see a change, I wonder if given a choice betweeen US puppet candidates or a return to Saddam, how many would vote for him. The people in Iraq are far worse off now than they were before the war.


All the reports being filtered in from the administration about the Iraqi appreciation for all we've done is suspect at best. We have a President who has shown us that he doesn't mind faulterring from the truth. I imagine some now look at the long lines for goods and services, lack of functional electricity and major infrustructure in their country as much worse than when we first arrived.


At this point, I feel we need to meet our obligation to rebuild what the President destroyed in this war and step back and allow the people to rule their land. I do hope they will have a choice of candidates who will advance what is right for Iraq and not just what's in the best interest of the Bush family and their Oil buddies.

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