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Bush "Linked" to Gay Musician

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George Bush's latest financial disclosure statement shows that last year he received a gift of gold cuff links, valued at $1,000, from pianist Van Cliburn.




Which just shows that Texas politicians can be fairly liberal when it comes to having gay friends.


In 1996 Thomas E. Zaremba filed a palimony suit against Cliburn, claiming that because of "an oral and/or implied partnership agreement," he was entitled to a share of Cliburn's income and property. Zaremba said that he had assisted in the management of Cliburn's career and finances as well as performing domestic services such as helping Cliburn care for his aged mother. Zaremba further alleged that Cliburn may have exposed him to AIDS during their seventeen-year relationship, which lasted until around the end of 1994, after which Zaremba moved to Center Line, Michigan, where he found work as a mortician.


Cliburn called the accusations "salacious" but otherwise had little to say about the case. Indeed, though always described as gracious and polite, Cliburn is known to be notoriously difficult to interview. Music insiders had long been aware of his homosexuality, and he and Zaremba had appeared together at public functions in Fort Worth, but in Cliburn's thirty-plus years as a celebrity, the press had never linked him romantically with anyone.

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Van Cliburn and his current "manager" are a social fixture among Fort Worth's highest society. They seem to appear in certain contexts as manager/client but mostly the relationship is ambiguous to those who don't know them personally. Among the society swells of Fort Worth, the relationship is well known.


Cliburn met his current "manager" when the manager was the driver of one of his socialite friends. I do know they did go to one of Bush's first and few state dinners for Mexican President Vicente Fox and he was listed as "manager" on official guest lists. And, Cliburn is a Bush donor and has performed at a few Bush functions I believe. Most of Fort Worth's wealthy are, of course, Republicans. So, whatever you think about gay Republicans should be applied to Cliburn.

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Bushs' femine side...


New rule: Everyone has to stop pretending that George Bush is so macho

Because, plainly, he acts like a girl.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

By Bill Maher




Oct. 8, 2004 | Not a woman -- a girl. Not a week goes by when John Kerry isn't attacked because he said something that hurt someone's feelings. According to Bush spokesmen, Kerry lost the first debate because of his "new insult" to our allies when he said the coalition wasn't genuine. Poland had Lithuania over for a debate party that night, and now they can't look at each other without crying.


All of the attacks on Kerry involve his thoughtless words at the expense of someone's feelings: He hurt the Iraqi prime minister when he said he wasn't legitimate -- the bitch; he hurt the troops in Iraq when he said it was the wrong war at the wrong time -- men!; he hurt the Vietnam vets when he totally broke the girl code and told everybody about their atrocities. And worst of all, he hurt the president's feelings when he laughed at Whoopi Goldberg's jokes.


And another thing about John Kerry: He uses Botox, he spends too much time on his hair, and he's two-faced -- flip-flopper!


"Also, I bet John Kerry didn't deserve any of those medals. I woulda gone to stupid old Vietnam, but I wanted to be a stay-at-home soldier."


Excuse me, this president isn't resolute: He's on the rag.


He stopped having press conferences, which is basically saying, "I'm not talking to you." He couldn't testify before the 9/11 commission without having a man by his side. I'll bet when they have lunch, Cheney orders for him. And then he just eats the salad.


They say Kerry is too sensitive, but they're the ones who turn everything into a big baby mama drama. Bush is the one who looked all crampy and pouty last week: "It's hard work" -- I kept waiting for him to say, "If you don't like how I do your shirts, then iron them yourself."


He even ran for president like a girl in 2000. Promising to "restore dignity to the Oval Office." What man gives a rat's ass about restoring an office? A real man thinks the Oval Office lost all its integrity the day Monica Lewinsky stopped coming in there to blow the president.


And then, in the one area -- I'm talking about Iraq -- where he could use being a little in touch with his feminine side, he acts like the typical stupid male, who gets himself lost, won't admit it, and won't stop and ask for directions. No matter that we've already taken 10 wrong turns and are heading for what seems like it could be a cliff -- no, he's not stopping, not listening to anybody, not reading the instructions, just insisting, "Please, I know what I'm doing."

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