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19 New Assault Weapons Available!!!


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Guest AlohaGuy

Illegal firearms are about as difficult to find and purchase as illegal drugs. Any criminal with even a hint of initiative can easily get himself a gun. Besides, when one thinks about crimes that are committed using a gun -- murder, rape, kidnapping, drug trafficking, armed robbery, etc. -- why would a criminal worry about illegal weapons possession?? "Gee, it's the death penalty for 1st degree murder, but OMG! I can't possibly risk 30 days in county for illegal firearms possession!!"


President Bill Clinton came up with the semiautomatic weapons ban early in his first term, when his approval ratings were dismal. To appeal to the then white-hot demographic of "Soccer Moms" and to appear tough on crime, Clinton championed the weapons ban. Since its passage, there has been no statistically detectable reduction in crimes using the banned weapons. One of the ban's sponsors Sen. Diane Feinstein all but admitted that the legislation's true intent was to set a precedent that would make way for further firearm illegalization. The consequence that Dems did not foresee was the 1994 "Republican Revolution" in both houses of Congress. The ban was not the only cause, but certainly a significant factor. Clinton charged that the NRA was responsible for the loss of at least 20 Democratic seats in the House. House Speaker Tom Foley, a major supporter of the ban and therefore a target for defeat by the NRA, actually lost his seat, the first House Speaker in 134 years to lose a bid for re-election.


Surely a few brave souls in Congress would champion the illegalization of all sorts of firearms if it would reduce crime in which a gun is used. True, the NRA is a powerful lobby, but nowhere near as great in numbers as non-gun owners. And the increase of gun violence in countries that have banned firearms (e.g., Great Britain) is persuasive evidence of the ineffectiveness of illegalization. Politicians know better than to waste their political capital on such meaningless legislation, which is why it will die in session without a vote. Ordinary citizens shouldn't waste their time and energy on it either.

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