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John O'Neill on The O'Reilly Factor TONIGHT

Fin Fang Foom
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For those of you who know squat about all the "unsubstantiated Swift Boat Veterans' claims" (and that would be pretty much all of you), John O'Neill will be on The O'Reilly Factor tonight - for the full hour.


Since most of you don't know who John O'Neill is, he's the 2000 Gore supporter who wrote the book.


Incidentally, please spare me and the rest of the class all the usual invective regarding O'Reilly. We know, we know.......you despise him.




Informatively yours,



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>Why should we tune in to hear O'Neill lie some more?



You mean like the "lie" that Kerry was never in Cambodia in December of 1968.


oops, wait, that lie turned out to be from Kerry - it turns out, by his own admission, that the memory that was "seared.....seared" into him never happened.


That "liar" John O'Neill has done numerous interviews about these issues yet the truth-teller Kerry hasn't yet allowed himself to be interviewed about these scurrilous accusations.


Just think about it for a moment:


Over 200 people accuse you of things you say are lies. What would YOU do? Hide behind friends and surrogates and let them talk for you. Or, would you get your ass out there, armed with the truth, and smack down all your accusers?


I know what I would do.


However, if the facts were against me, I would probably do exactly what Kerry is doing.




And THIS is the man you want to be leading the war against Islamic savages?


Incredulously yours,



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>>But didn't you say you weren't going to vote for Bush?


>Nope, that's another one of our little cyber-sandbox



>I will proudly be voting for Bush.


>Decisively yours,




It has been proven beyond the shadow of a doubt (except for Repiglicans and Faux news) that the Swift Boat Liars Vs. the Truth group has not told the truth about much of anything. The Official Record backs up 95% of what Kerry has said and rumor has it that the New York Times is sitting on actual photos of Kerry IN CAMBODIA taken by a wildlife photographer.


Meanwhile, no one can find any records opf AWOLBush supposedly being in Alabama where he was supposed to be.


Proudly voting for Bush? You're a good little Stepford Repiglican.


I am proudly voting for John Kerry who will restore honor and integrity to the White House.

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