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Sep 6 2004


And wife Laura liked dope, says book


By Emma Pryer




GEORGE W Bush snorted cocaine at Camp David, a new book claims.


His wife Laura also allegedly tried cannabis in her youth.


Author Kitty Kelley says in her biography The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty, that the US President first used coke at university in the mid-1960s.


She quotes his former sister-in-law Sharon Bush who claims: "Bush did coke at Camp David when his father was President, and not just once either."


Other acquaintances allege that as a 26-year-old National Guard, Bush "liked to sneak out back for a joint or into the bathroom for a line of cocaine".


Bush has admitted being an alcoholic but, asked during the 1999 election if he did drugs, he said: "I've told the American people that years ago I made some mistakes.


"I've learned from my mistakes and should I be fortunate enough to become president I will bring dignity and honour to the office."


Later an aide clarified his remarks saying Bush hadn't taken illegal drugs in the past 25 years.


Kelley says that the Bush family covered up scandals because of their wealth and influence. She claims George W started drinking at school and continued at Yale university to overcome shyness.


Former student Torbery George says in the book: "Poor Georgie. He couldn't relate to women unless he was loaded."


Another says: "He went out of his way to act crude. It's amazing someone you held in such low esteem later became president."


His supporters have slammed the allegations as outrageous.


The White House said: "This book appears to be filled with the same trash discredited years ago."




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White House Escort


An Australian website reports that the book also:


==Reveals the use of the White House by male hookers under Poppy Bush.==


This is really one of the limitations of this message board. I'd love to post a question in "Ask An Escort" -- which one of you guys in Washington DC is doing secret service -- but I'm afraid it would just be bounced back to this forum.


Of course, we don't know what kind of male hooker is involved here. It could be that Barbara Bush just wanted to engage in some Sex In The City.

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Guest showme43

RE: White House Escort


>Of course, we don't know what kind of male hooker is involved

>here. It could be that Barbara Bush just wanted to engage in

>some Sex In The City.



eeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! x(

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