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Outting Republicans

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Yesterday I watched a report on a republican politician who, I think, is located in W. VA. Does anyone have info on this guy and who the person was that outted him? I believe the person that disclosed his use of escort services also runs a web-site where he plans additional disclosures this week. Thanks!

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Yeah, just what a supposedly progressive site like this needs, is more ugly, prejudicial, stereotyped jokes. Did you even stop to consider that these jokes are just as hurtful to West Virginians, as fag jokes are to gay people?


FYI, West Virginia has always been more liberal politically and human rights wise than Virginia has ever been. After all, the state wouldn't even exist, if it had not seceded from Virginia during the Civil War because it did not support slavery. It was after all the home base of John Brown!


West Virginia is a hot bed of liberal democracy. It ALWAYS votes for the Democratic candidate. Virginia hasn't voted Democrat since LBJ, and is one of the most repressive, anti-gay states in the entire U. S.!

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> It was after all the home base of John Brown!



No it wasn't.


John Brown had lots of connections with Connecticut, Ohio, Kansas and even Maryland (where he planned the Harpers Ferry raid) but he just happened to have committed his last terrorist act in West Virginia.


Excuse me -- make that "freedom fighter."

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Thanks for the correction. I know John Brown was a very integral part of the "Bloody Kansas" confrontation. I incorrectly stated that West Virginia was his home base, but as you pointed it out it was the site of his last act of aggression, which is why I stated it was his home base. My error.

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What the fuck is going wrong here when VaHawk admits to error? This place is getting to be so damn boring. Even that Foom guy hasn't livened anything up...


Oh, excuse me. Was I wrong here to say that? So sorry!!














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