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Obama for President

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I so have to agree with both of you guys. I just got done watching his speach rebroadcasted on cspan. I don't think I have ever been impressed with another politicans speach in my life! I don't think he was even a minute into his speach and I thought this guy is going to go places. I have a really good feeling that this may not and I surely hope will not be the last we see this fine young man. I hope that all of those in Illinois are proud of him and I also hope that he gets sent to Washington and gets things done. Hell I hope in 8 yrs he'll be at the DNC getting the Democratic nomination for President! Way to go kid and don't loose that fire!!!! Here is the link to his website for those who might be interested in him http://www.obamaforillinois.com/




Greg Seattle Wa seaboy4hire@yahoo.com

http://www.male4malescorts.com/reviews/gregseattle.html http://briefcase.yahoo.com/seaboy4hire

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What a great man! He's handsome, charismatic, intelligent (notice "intelligent" comes in at third place... that's the way of the world. Ugly intelligent people are relegated to giving commentary on Nightline.)

The only way the republicans could put a pallor on this shining star is to claim he is the Antichrist.


Would they really do that?






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Guest ReturnOfS

It isn't 100% sure that Obama will become Senator yet. If the Republican party gets Mike Ditka to run against Obama, is there still a chance that Obama could not win by way of the Schwarzenegger/Ventura Celebrity effect?

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Guest ReturnOfS

>Ummm, Ditka declined about a week ago. Obama is a shoe-in.

>I liked his speech so much that I stayed up ;late to watch it

>repeated on CSpan.


Ditka did decline, but he is still be courted to run by the Reblican party from what I understand. I guess that I'm having for a hope for the best (Obama gets elected), prepare for the worse (Ditka celebrity effect) attitude.


I never got to see the speech, though. I've only been able to see snipets of it on the news. I hope that CSpan shows it again. I really want to see it in its entirety.

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Guest ReturnOfS

Obama For President, Dennis Kucinich for Vice-President :-)


How does that sound like for a ticket?

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Guest Raffy

>Obama For President, Dennis Kucinich for Vice-President :-)


>How does that sound like for a ticket?


Kucinich does nothing more than make me nostagic for 1972, when i cried over McGovern's loss to Nixon.



My dream ticket in 2012:





*Gavin, mayor of SF.




he's cute, liberal, smart and gay (just kidding about the gay part, but i can fantasize, can't i?)

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