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Former President Bill Clinton speaks at the Democratic Convention

Guest rohale
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Guest rohale

Earlier this evening the man from Hope, Arkansas had his turn at the podium at the out set of the Democratic Convention. Former President Clinton had the crowd at the DNC convention captivated. Tonight he gave a very moving speech, one of the best I've seen Mr Clinton give in a long time. his speech was compassionate to point out what he believes are Senator Kerry's strengths and the political weakness of President Bush and Republicans on Capitol Hill. He even took a jab at the avoidance of himself, Mr Bush and Mr Cheney from the Vietnam War. I wonder what will Rush Limbaugh have to say tomorrow morning, the usual rhetoric I suppose. If anyone caught the Mr Clinton's speech, I'd be curious to know what you guys think.



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I watched all of the speakers tonight. I believe what we saw tonight was a sincere,true Clinton. For the first time in a long time I believed everything he said. I feel he truly made a great effort to speak to the average American this evening. I believed he reached all those who feel they have been disenfranchised by the lies and deception that is Bush.


I also watched it on C-Span as I can't STAND all the commentators on the other channels and all of the "stuff" in the lower part of the screen.


Now, do you or anyone else know if Congressman Harold Ford (D-TN) will be making an appearance or speaking at all? He is one FINE LOOKING Congressman!!!!!!!!



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President Clinton is truly and simply the best. He was able to clearly articulate the differences between the two choices for President. When I look at the politcal history of this nation, it is so obvious that he (Mr. Clinton)has been one of our great leaders.


Mr. Clinton said all that needed to be said to reaffirm my vote for Kerry. Mr. Kerry is a brave man who has fought for our country and cares about all of America, not just the priveledged.


Bush is a cancer and Kerry is the Cure.

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Tonight was one of Clinton's finest moments!! He was in rare form and I hope the rest of the convention matches his high standard. Also enjoyed Carter's remarks but they weren't on the same level as Clinton.


I heard today that Ron Reagan, Jr. will be speaking at the convention. Now that is a speech I won't miss. I was very impressed with the way he handled himself at this father's funeral and some of his more recent interviews.


I'd love to see him run for office on either a local or national level.

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CSpan2 is showing old convention speeches. I never thought I would find Richard Nixon refreshing, but he gave a good speech. Bush is nowhere in that league. Of course, the Republicans would disavow Nixon's politics now...

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BOSTON, Massachusetts (CNN) -- Drawing repeated applause and cheers from delegates Monday night at the Democratic National Convention, former President Bill Clinton pointed to what he termed the differences between their party and the GOP.


"They need a divided America, but we don't,"




Truer words were never spoken.

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Rabble rousing and REASON


I watched all of the coverage tonight and mostly watched from CSPAN. I would occasionally switch to MSNBC when a main speaker was on, because the reception was better. But whenever they went to commercial or started their talking heads, I would switch back to CSPAN.

As with all conventions, (especially Democrats, God love 'em) there were the customary "roust out the troops" speeches full of a lot of rhetoric and promise. Don't get me wrong. I love pie in the sky as much as the next guy and I am an optimistic social liberal at heart. But this year, the rally type speeches kind of left me cold. Not that the night didn't have some terrific highlights. In no particular order:


Former President Jimmy Carter's speech was uncharacteristically sharp but to the point. Our image as a leader in the free world has certainly been hampered by our current leader. No one could have stated this point with more authority than Jimmy (the last honest man in the White House).


The singing of the National Anthem.


Al Gore's speech filled with more energy and animation and ease than I recall him having at any time during the last campaign. Pity.


The speech by one member of one of the families who lost loved ones on American Flight 11. Her words to the effect, 'What unites us is far greater than what divides us". I felt at that moment what I remembered about our country right after 911. we were one.


Former President Clinton, in perhaps the greatest speech I have ever heard him give, clearly reminded us what it was like to be an American right after 911. we were one nation, or as he referred later in his speech, a more perfect union.


I can't help but agree that the unity of us as a people has been squandered on a very personal agenda by our president. What an opportunity for our country wasted. Our prestige in the world is diminished and for the first time in my life, we are hated as a country by more people in the world than love us. Sure everyone wants to come to America so they can prosper, but they hate us just the same.


I was also touched by the reverend who was a member of John Kerry's crew who talked of Kerry turning the boat toward shore and into enemy fire to save a shipmate. It paints a pretty strong picture of how Kerry would respond under fire in the present world of terrorism.


Best line of the night to me was:

Strength and Wisdom are not mutually exclusive.


Anyway, that's what this optimistic moderate Democrat thinks.

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RE: Rabble rousing and REASON


Our prestige in

>the world is diminished and for the first time in my life, we

>are hated as a country by more people in the world than love

>us. Sure everyone wants to come to America so they can

>prosper, but they hate us just the same.



I would like to very much echo jackhammers point regarding CSPAN. As always they rock for total coverage of political events. Now if they would just stop taking callers on their programs I could throw away my remote control. :p


I am going to slightly disagree with the quoted point though. This is still the country of your parents generation who quite literally saved the world. As worthy of criticism the war in Iraq is, if thats why people in the world hate us then they never really liked us at all. Some of them hate us so badly that they kill us by the thousands. And regret they can't kill more. Sen. Kerry will need all his strength and wisdom as President to stop these people no matter how beloved we become.



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RE: Rabble rousing and REASON



I probably did not state my views clearly.

My remarks regarding how the world perceives us were directed more to the fact that our policy has shifted from benevolent intervention on the world's behalf to preemptive imperialism. I believe this is why the world is upset with us. We cannot even claim to have the support of most of our long standing allies (other than Great Britain). The French hated us even when we saved them, so they don't count.


I am afraid that no matter who is elected, the challenges will require more than just wisdom, intelligence and diplomacy. It may also require that we as a nation find a way to bind our internal wounds and come together, forgoing our current diet of discord and division; certainly a tough task for either Republican or Democrat.

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