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Lipitor Study Fraud?

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Does it seem that every time you turn around there is a new study showing how we all need to take Lipitor, and then more lipitor? Even this week new guidelines were issued, without detailing that six of the nine study panel members were getting money from the drug companies. The studies are almost always funded by the drug companies.


How many times have you seen those pharma reps wheeling their bags of goodies into the doctors office? Docs go on junkets, get paid "consulting" fees, get tabulated on how many scripts they produce in return. It's getting worse as managed care limits the docs legitimate earnings.


Why do you think the push is on to make almost the whole adult population feel a need for statin drugs? Now at mega doses!


I personally think Lipitor is an evil drug. Research it yourself before you take it! (Try Google for 'Lipitor muscle' for example.) Think about this article below too, and ask yourself why this comes only after all of the headlines. It's like the fine print of the study results...





July 15, 2004



Guidelines published by a government panel earlier this week, calling for aggressive use of statin medications to lower cholesterol in people at high risk of heart attacks, failed to list panelists' links to pharmaceutical companies, many of which manufacture statin drugs.


Of the nine panelists, six had received grants or consulting or speakers' fees from companies that produce some of the most popular statin medications on the market, according to published material from 2001. Those drugs include Pfizer's Lipitor; Bristol-Myers Squibb's Pravachol, Merck's Lovastatin and AstraZeneca's Crestor.



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Guest rodgerforever

Everything you write about is true.How do you expect the drug companies to make their billions, and in turn back Bush to the hilt with millions in donations.Another 4 years of this administration and all the shenanigans that are going on will turn us into a 3rd world power. While we are on the topic,it's not only the drug companys but the health care providers also, that are ripping off the public and naturally backing the republicans.All the doctors are republicans because they think that party will lower their mal practise insurance.Everyone seems to be looking after their own posckets and not really give a damn about the USA.

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RE: Sponsoring Escorts


From MedicalNewsToday.com


Most experts who promote cholesterol lowering drugs have made money from producers

17 Jul 2004






Most of the experts who tell us to take cholesterol lowering drugs have made money from pharmaceutical companies that produce them, say consumer groups.


Cholesterol lowering drugs sell well – a whopping $26 billion around the world in 2003. This year the figure is expected to be much higher. They are the best selling drugs on the market today.


Nine of the USA’s top cholesterol experts wrote the new guidelines which were issued by the American Heart Association and the US government.


The guidelines focus in reducing the number of heart attacks in the USA.


Of those nine experts, six have received money from producers of cholesterol lowering drugs. They received money for consultations, making speeches and carrying out research.


Experts say that 7 million more Americans will probably be taking pills to lower their cholesterol levels as a result of the new guidelines. There are already 36 million.


James Cleeman, National Cholesterol Education Program Coordinator, said that advising high risk heart patients to lower their LDL is good advice, regardless of connections to the drug industry by the people who wrote the guidelines.


Some people have responded to the accusations by saying that any top expert in any field of medicine will have connections with many organisations, some of which will be pharmaceutical companies that carry out research – they would not be top experts otherwise.

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Interesting thoughts and ideas we are all coming up with re: what I believe to be a a number of common threads:

1) We are what we eat.

2) The choices that we do decide to "Nutricate" our bodies with are based on many factors. Cost of food, convenience, and most of all our desires.

3) The age group that these cholesterol lowering drugs are targeting is the 40+ group. The group that is the hardest to change life styles within.

4) I have spent decades counseling sub groups of individuals with chronic illnesses. The ability to affect any change in behavior, is mighty small.

5) Pharm Co. do have an ulterior motive of course. It's one of those things that as a consumer, and advocate, I make an informed choice and

recommendation as I am able with the CURRENT data I have at my hands.

6) There is more and more date available that the drugs available for lowering cholesterol decreases the inflammatory process in our fragile blood

vessels. Not only reducing heart illness, but vascular illness.

7) I try to watch and calculate what I put into my mouth, exercise, and try to enjoy the great world around me. However, I am very thankful for the

drug Crestor. Four out of five of my children, have cholesterol issues. One as young as 20. There is a need for these drugs, they save lives,

and they give quality to an aging population.

8) Caution about a couple of things: Leg cramps/tiredness/weakness is not the norm when taking these meds. If this happens, your needs to take to

your provider. Ambien and the other "sleepers" need to be taken as ordered. No more and just when needed. When you take it, go to bed!!!

Enough babble, take care all, Rand

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