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LA 3/30-4/3, Palms Springs possibility??

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Hello all!

I hope everyone is staying safe as always. Crazy times we live in... Anyhow, the reason for my post today is to start advertising my upcoming trip to LA !!! This will be my first time visiting and I would love to make it a regular thing if business permits. having said that I would love to do any and all meetups with locals in the LA scene 😃 I😂 have a room so I can host or can come to you whichever is easier.

Additionally!! I have been reading up on the forums about this Palm Springs event?? it has definitely has peaked my interest.... I'd love to join someone I just don't know how that works from a providers standpoint or if you just show up and hope for the best??? I would rather go with someone or have meets scheduled that way at worst case scenario I breakeven and I have a hell of a good time meeting some new friends 😈 thats all I got my peeps. 😇

Bobby Biceps 💪🏻

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I would suggest that you contact Oliver about attending the PS Weekend event, since it requires reservations for meals, and an invitation to the party at his home--one doesn't just "show up." I am sure you will be welcomed as a participant, and by posting this thread, you will probably hear from other participants who might be interesting in helping you "break even"😉.

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On 3/11/2023 at 9:30 PM, purplekow said:

Just as a note, I have enjoyed several sessions with Bobby and he is a great guy and he would be a great person to spend some time with in Palm Springs.  I will be picking up his tab for the dinner if he attends and I hope some of you gentlemen will treat him in a generous manner,   

thanks I appreciate that 😃

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