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Messy accommodation


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On 9/23/2022 at 3:23 AM, DrownedBoy said:

One of my regulars thinks I'm nuts, that I won't hire him over unless my place is clean.


I'll have to show him this thread.

in my experience, it's a mixed bag. I'll admit I do judge if a place is messy. BUt then I've seen providers who do a good service, and the messiness of their place is immaterial. It may not even mean they're slovenly or "bad". It may just mean they have ADHD, maybe have kids or family who live there, or whatever reason. Maybe they're just renting the place and as it's not theirs they don't care that much. 

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A friend of mine in his 80s has quite limited mobility, so sometimes his house is messy, dusty, some dirty dishes.  I always take out the trash on the way out.

Another friend of mine in his mid 90s has staff who keep his house spotless.  That's what I want someday :-)  But, for now,  I always keep my place clean, given that I sometimes have company.

I remember an overnight in the late '90s in Ontario, CA.  He was only 10 years older than I was at the time yet his apartment was a pigsty.  I remember finding that odd and off-putting given that like me he was a civil engineer and I associate that profession with precision and order. Additionally, he was sweet and fun and we had a great night.

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