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Sao Paulo - surprised me again

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Several days ago I posted about the deterioration and/or closure of many familiar places in Sao Paulo that I used to visit.  Most of the closures were a result related to the coronavirus epidemic.

With the exception of sauna Lagoa, things and places that I used to visit in Sao Paulo had changed for the worse.  The main good thing I reported was that Lagoa was doing very well and it was a lot of fun visiting there.

I commented that I planned to revisit the replacement sauna for Fragata (which is called Clube 555) this weekend. 

So many people have reported how dull and uninteresting the Clube 555 replacement sauna is.  I, also, have reported the same thing.

Before I discuss Clube 555, let me say that last night (Friday) I visited Lagoa again  Even though I enjoy Lagoa, if it had been my first night ever there, I would not have thought much of the place. 

Last night there were many garotos at Lagoa, but not many garotos of any quality.  Of the approximately 30 garotos, most (not all) were plain looking or skinny and did not seem like the quality of garoto as seen there in prior times.

I was at Lagoa with a couple of American friends who both know Lagoa sauna as well as I.  We collectively agreed to leave early because we were disappointed with the place.  We left around seven-thirty.  We never left Lagoa that early in any of our prior visits.

Now, Clube 555!

Tonight (Saturday) we decided to visit Clube 555.

What a change!   

Instead of the place being nearly empty of garotos and clients, as has been reported many times by others, tonight was actually fun. 

There were about thirty garotos and almost the same number of clients.

The bar where the pool table is located has an incredibly handsome waiter.  He could possibly charm a bird out of a tree.  Of course, his being an employee, he was not available for hire as a garoto.

There were plenty of other good looking garotos.  Some I knew from Lagoa.

Anyway, tonight might have been just a freak occurrence with Clube 555 being a full and fun place.  Or, it might be a changing trend.  Who knows?

Next week Clube 555 could revert back to how it has been since it opened (nearly empty). 

However, I suspect not.  There was too much fun going on tonight for it to have been a one-time event.

So, those who plan to visit Sao Paulo, continue to visit sauna Lagoa but also, please visit the sauna Clube 555.

I will keep my fingers crossed in hopes of my next visit being similar to tonight.

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I was at Espaço Lagoa a few weeks ago because I had to break up my trip that was primarily Rio. There were a lot of occupants but I left after about 20 minutes because after a quick run-through I was convinced the selection of escorts of my ‘type’ was even worse than in January when I attended about 2 dozen times, really giving it a chance at that time but fairly disappointed. On my 2nd night staying in the neighbourhood this month I did not even bother to drop in, but I had been very satisfied with a spa ‘massage + Xtras’ encounter that afternoon. 

In contrast, over about 10 visits to Clube 117 in Rio very recently I was not able to keep up with all the choice, but that has been a consistent pattern for me. There were many new guys plying their trade that I did not see there in February. 

I am glad Clube 555 may be turning a corner. I note that it might be trying to appeal to customers’ love of discounts. Generally lower admission compared to Lagoa, and 2-for-1 Saturdays at BRL50, for example 4 friends together BRL100 compared to regular entrance price BRL244 at Lagoa for a group of that size on the same night. Maybe they raffle off the savings among themselves for a 25% chance at putting that amount into a programa (LOL) for one of them. Or maybe it covers ride platform costs because 555 is a lot harder to get to by public transit, though eg Über from Lagoa to 555 is less than BRL30. The locals follow clubs’ social media and know to ask for these promotions by referencing the announcement contained therein.

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1 hour ago, SirBillybob said:


"Or maybe it covers ride platform costs because 555 is a lot harder to get to by public transit"

Local public transit is only two blocks from sauna 555.

"though eg Über from Lagoa to 555 is less than BRL30" 

Yes, less.  Last night from Lagoa to sauna 555 using Uber was R$16.96. 


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7 minutes ago, coriolis888 said:

Yeah it can be well under 30 reais, depending on demand variables. My many rides from Lagoa to apartment, similar distance as Lagoa-555 ranged from 15 to 30-ish, all peanuts to us. 


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It’s an additional 5-minute walk from 555 to a Metro station, compared to Lagoa and Consolação station. Shouldn’t be daunting really but the location is considered by some to be less convenient and less peppered with good places to stop for a bite like Fragata area was known for. I suppose that taking an escort off-site also might involve more elaborate arrangements. None of these factors would deter me from a place that turns out to be consistently promising.

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22 hours ago, SirBillybob said:

I think that if you quote a poster’s post and respond by writing in that same dialogue box it throws off subsequent quote/response passages and then what passage is attributable to which poster gets muddled. 

Normally one would not expect that to happen when quoting another poster.  It just requires getting accustomed to how the program works.  Sorry about that.

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