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Summer Break: Political Issues Forum Read Only For July

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Similar to the break we took around Christmas, I'm going to be making the Political Issues forum "read only" during the month of July.  This means you will be able to read topics, but not reply to them.  

During this time, the moderators will be discussing the future of this forum.  We've tried to tone down the temperature here over the last year and have had limited success.  Frankly the system in its current state is broken.  Individuals on BOTH ends of the political spectrum are attempting to weaponize the moderators and to be honest, I'm tired of it.  Our moderators are volunteers who are tasked with helping make this place more enjoyable and helping to facilitate a sense of community.  Instead a majority of our time is being spent playing police officers trying to keep the peace in the middle of a non-stop fight.  While I can't speak for the moderators, when I agreed to take over the site following Daddy's death, that was not what I signed up for.  

In full transparency...  I don't know what's going to happen after the break.  We could decide to just leave the political issues forum read-only permanently, or remove the moderators entirely from policing here (outside of dealing with legal issues), or take an entirely different direction.  Given the amount of work this forum has been for the team, I'm not going to make that call on my own without their feedback and support.  

Finally...  if I find myself spending more time here than I do writing code for the new review site over the next two weeks...  I reserve the right to start the summer break early.  This is your warning to EVERYONE to cut the crap.  

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